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  • TWFKAP: This is why he’s my first choice. Hands down.

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  • asombra: Given Che’s views on the legal system, what kind of lawyer would hang his photo in his office?

  • asombra: Didn’t Rousseau look pretty? Should have been a romance novelist and left it at that.

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Love Triangle: Ernest Hemingway, Herbert Matthews, Fidel Castro

Ernest Hemingway in (Red) Spain with good chum and soulmate Herbert Matthews

"Herbert Mathews is the only person absolutely qualified to write about Cuba.” (Ernest Hemingway)


“ To our American friend Herbert Matthews with Gratitude. Without your help” a beaming Fidel Castro said decorating Herbert Matthews during a visit to the New York Times offices in April 1959, “and without the help of the New York Times, the Revolution in Cuba would never have been.”

"She (Gregorio Fuentes' daughter) says Fidel Castro was a great friend to Hemingway." National Post)


"Castro's revolution, is very pure and beautiful. I'm encouraged by it." (Ernest Hemingway, 1960)

10 comments to Love Triangle: Ernest Hemingway, Herbert Matthews, Fidel Castro

  • antonio2009

    Humberto: Here is my academic review of Herbert Matthew's biography.
    He quoted Che Guayaba as saying that he had never been a Communist.
    Check out this cartoon of Matthews by Antonio Prohias, renown for his Spy vs. Spy cartoons

  • marhare

    "Antonio Prohias, renown for his Spy vs. Spy cartoons"

    Thanks, I did not know that. Having looked it up just now, I see that there used to be a Grey Spy (Spy vs Spy vs Spy) as well.

  • antonio2009

    Antonio Prohias was also renown for El hombre siniestro (Google this) and la Mujer Siniestra. Here is an article I did for Guama on Prohias
    at the bottom of the page.
    In 1948 Prohias ominously predicted the future of Cuba with this cartoon
    In it, Liborito, representing the Cuban nation, is watching el lio de la politica (represented as a bundle = un lio) entertaining him with a dance and singing, "I'm not doing anything worthy" and you can see the results.

  • asombra

    OK, stick a fork in the old lush, 'cause he's done (and so is anybody who promotes him).

  • asombra

    The Spanish Civil War was one of the great XX century lovefests between so-called intellectuals and the radical left, despite the attendant horrors, which were too great to ignore but were ignored anyway. It's easy to "overlook" the obvious when it's fashionable, "advanced," and not really your problem. Hemingway, of course, was considered an intellectual, certainly by himself. Lord deliver us from "intelligence" that has nothing to do with wisdom.

  • asombra

    Doesn't Herbie look nifty in his beret? So chic. Looks like Abe Vigoda waiting to be cast as a mobster in The Godfather. And Ernie looks like a mama's boy trying to compensate by hanging around war and shit. Classic case of "Dios los cría y el diablo los junta" ("God raises them and the devil brings them together").

  • asombra

    "Oooh, soldiers. Oooh, uniforms. Oooh, armed struggle." Assholes.

  • Many thanks to professor De La Cova for his contributions...oye pero mira que aqui en Babalu uno se divierte y aprende cosas!

  • Ricardo

    Like I said a boring piece of shit was el viejo "Papa". Lo mejor que paso fue que se mato y sique muerto. "Postalita".

  • Gallardo

    The man was clearly a poser, an arrogant mess with unresolved issues (alcoholism, the distress of his father's suicide, the many marriages, etc), and I am sure he felt pretty damn stupid when leftism finally bit him in the ass and he too had to pack his bags and leave it all behind like the very Batista he wanted ousted (to have it all expropriated, including his manuscripts), committing suicide shortly after. Granted, the pseudo-intellectual was very vociferous and leftist in Spain (while allegedly working for the KGB under the name "Agent Argo") but he never lived communism, nor tasted it, for the communists lost the Spanish Civil War.

    Aside from that, the man's stories were indeed boring, they lacked substance and emotion, and I am sure his leftist inclination helped him advance beyond his merits given the typical artistic circles of romantic morons, useful dummies, and penthouse communists that always compose, and control, that world. Also, if one is to look at his writings they were all about being "macho" and about the glorification of the macho. He himself was always a boaster and poser attempting to be what he never was, as if he was trying to prove something, or find his own virility.

    At the end of it all, he, like Herbert Matthews, and USA in general were too fake, conceited, stupid, and full of crap to have intervened so arrogantly and sanctimoniously in Cuban affairs the way they did only to seal it to its doom. Because there is something we can't forget, yes, there was plenty of local stupidity and blame to go around, but the republican Cuban military didn't send it all to hell because they feared an improvised rich boy with his own military uniform, a bisexual, and an Argentinian bum but rather the American pressure that was behind them.