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Blob alert from Castro Kingdom: It’s a monster… it’s Michael Moore… it’s the ghost of Hugo Chavez…no…. it’s something else!


Just when you thought it was safe to get into the water again....

Could it swallow up Diana Nyad and Chloe McCardel?   Or will it simply churn out another moronic documentary?

From The Weather Channel:

Mysterious Blob Alarms Divers off the Coast of Cuba

Divers were baffled earlier this month after discovering a large, blob-like life form floating off the coast of Cuba. It was pink, translucent and roughly the size of a human.

Photographs of the mysterious blob eventually reached marine biologist Rebecca Helm, a PhD student at Brown University. After scouring 247 aquarium forums, journal articles and Japanese websites, Helm believes she's found an answer.

This is "the biggest mass of teensy eggs that I have ever seen," Helm wrote in Deep Sea News.

Specifically, the eggs are diamond-shaped squid (Thysanotheuthis rhombus).

Egg masses from these creatures can contain 35,000 to 75,000 eggs, which float near the surface of tropical and subtropical oceans. The masses can reach upwards of 5 feet 10 inches long, i09 reports.
When newly hatched, diamond-shaped squid are no larger than a breadcrumb but they can eventually grow up to three feet in length.

egg mass

Very few of these egg masses have been recorded, according to a 2012 report published on Only 29 have been reported worldwide, in waters such as the Sea of Japan and the Mediterranean Sea.

Go HERE for the original article and more stunning photos...

and don't expect to see Steve McQueen in any of them.  Rent or buy this movie instead, if you are seeking THE ultimate Blob:




3 comments to Blob alert from Castro Kingdom: It’s a monster… it’s Michael Moore… it’s the ghost of Hugo Chavez…no…. it’s something else!