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Calling all Cuba “Experts!”


For a while now we've been hearing from all Cuba "expert"s that Fidel Castro's "mellowing"...the "Cuban model doesn't work for us anymore," he humbly admitted..."How can we help President Obama?" he humbly asked, etc. etc. etc.

Naturally no one noticed this "mellowing," except the "experts," whose expertise was naturally broadcast far and wide by their media chums.

So given our incorrigeble obtuseness in deciphering the Stalinist dictator's moods and whims, we call upon all experts to kindly get cracking and explain to the brutish masses of Cuba watchers what this outburst from yesterday means. Is it possible that he's not mellowing after all? Could the people who had his number from the Bogotazo days be somehow right (yet again):

It was very just that the venue of the meeting is Nicaragua, a country that was capable of overcoming the artful blow of the empire under the government of one of the most uneducated and cynical frauds selected by the U.S. oligarchy.

With money from drug and weapons, that country extracted from the Venezuelan prisons the main terrorist of the group trained by the CIA to destroy a Cuban airliner in midflight, killing all 73 people on board, including young Cubans who had just won the Central American Fencing Championship.

In many peoples of Our America, such as Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico and others, U.S. hired assassins have left their bloody footprints.

It would be endless to include in this letter the dozens of crimes and looting that the governments and repressive forces

from the empire and its conspiratorial bastards have carried out in the world.

Enlighten us, please, "experts."


Any clues from Phil "The Magnificent" Peters or Julia "Sister Cleo" Sweig" would be tops.

4 comments to Calling all Cuba “Experts!”

  • asombra

    Julia looks like Billie Jean King without make-up. Yikes.

  • asombra

    Peters, of course, looks like a maggot--slime-o-rama.

  • First Lyle Waggoner now Billie Jean King! Este Asombra es la catedra con "Blasts from the past."

  • Gigi

    Is Sweig having a bad hair day or what? She adds credence to the notion that liberal women are not the fairest of them all. But seriously, the idea that any of the regime leaders are mellowing with time is ridiculous; it has no basis in fact. On the contrary, the harshness & abuses continue rolling along. I'd submit that the more time passes, the more entrenched the despots around fidel will become, knowing that sooner or later their gig will be up. If any of them gets a little soft, they get axed --- that's fidel's track record.
    & thanks for the laugh -- that shot of Miss Cleo made my day.