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If You Wait Long Enough The Truth Reveals Itself


Abortion is the only thing in this country the liberals/left do not want any regulations/restrictions/fees/taxes on.

An abortion debate in the streets is on display right now at the state capitol in Texas. The central issue is pending legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks. The public polling shows that a majority of Americans support banning of abortion after at and after the 20 week mark, with some very telling breakdown of the polling data with women and young adults. Pro-life and pro-abortion crowds have gathered to voice their sides' opinions in the last several days, with some interesting results.


Really, ladies? You demand to be taken seriously and this is your mentality? Yet you propose it is conservatives/republicans who have some sort of misogynistic war on women?

The next photo is that of the children the pro-abortion crowd have employed to carry their message and agenda. They are abortion jihadists strapping anti-life signs on their innocent children, their children no more than props in their campaign. Read carefully the sign the first little girl is holding...


You see, if you wait long enough the truth reveals itself as where the line is drawn and who the sides are...

I guess the pro-abortion gang thought they were extras in a movie remake.

I guess all that booing "God" at last year's DNC convention pretty much etched their platform after all...

2 comments to If You Wait Long Enough The Truth Reveals Itself

  • Honey

    It has always been my contention that the pro choicers, who want women to have that choice, are those who also want to take choices away from us in so many other areas and see no inconsistency in this. They are far more tyrannical than those they despise on the other side. They are not willing to use persuasion; they prefer their way or the highway.

  • asombra

    There is no such thing as "free" abortion. There cannot be, just as there can be no "free" health care. The money to pay for it MUST come from somewhere, and it's not the government, which makes no money but only takes it from the citizenry. These screaming harpies have to know that, and if they don't, they're simply too stupid to vote. But I expect they do know it; they're just out to milk the prevailing degeneracy for all it's worth. If they get the choice to abort "freely," I should also get the choice not to pay a penny to bail them out of being irresponsible (which is the elegant way to put it).

    Actually, the exceedingly pitiful girls with the cutesy pink signs are even more scary, because evidently this whole business is just a game to them, a trivial matter which is a suitable source of amusement. As for the children being USED in such a vulgar, utterly inappropriate way, words fail.