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Canadian teen held hostage in Cuba released after family pays ransom to Castro dictatorship

A cautionary tale for all of those American tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the Castro dictatorship's human zoo in Cuba before freedom and liberty comes along and ruins it. Given the opportunity, the Cuban "government" will squeeze every dollar they can out of you, even if they have to put you in prison to do it.

Via Ontario's The Star:

$30,000 and months later, Canadian able to leave Cuba

Canadian teen Cody LeCompte is ready to leave Cuba after being detained since April 29 after a car accident.

Cody LeCompte, 19, of Norfolk County, has been stuck in Cuba since April 29 following a car accident, but is expected to return home Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2010.

Canadian tourists should think twice before getting behind the wheel during trips in Mexico, China, Guatemala and Cuba, the Foreign Affairs Department warns.

“Canadians involved in traffic accidents may face serious legal problems, including imprisonment,” the department website says.

The caution comes as 19-year-old Cody LeCompte prepares to leave Cuba after being detained since April 29. He is expected to return Tuesday to a welcoming party planned by family and friends.

LeCompte, of Norfolk County, was detained by Cuban authorities after the rental car he was driving collided with a truck on a pockmarked road near rural Camaguey, sending himself, his mother, uncle and a female Cuban friend to hospital.

LeCompte was never charged in the crash, but was forced to stay at the Gran Club Santa Lucia in Cuba until the investigation was completed. The family must now deal with a crushing debt of $30,000 that it spent on lawyers, flights and hotel rooms.

“It doesn’t feel real,” LeCompte said from his hotel room in Cuba. “I can’t believe I’ve been here for three months for a car accident.”

Continue reading HERE.

3 comments to Canadian teen held hostage in Cuba released after family pays ransom to Castro dictatorship

  • asombra

    He was with "a female Cuban friend." Of course. But not to worry, this won't put a dent on Canada's massive support of totalitarian tyranny. After all, that would dishonor the memory of Pierre Trudeau. These people totally REEK.

  • asombra

    BTW, this is precisely what every Canadian tourist to Cuba deserves, more or less.

  • asombra

    Doesn't Cody look really, uh, bright? Such a credit to his people and all.