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The real purpose behind those ‘people-to-people’ trips to Cuba

Of course, we have been saying this since the Obama administration announced their "people-to-people" trips to Cuba policy to promote "cultural" and "educational" exchanges: It is all a ruse to allow Americans to vacation in Cuba and enjoy the tourist amenities provided by the apartheid Castro dictatorship and its enslaved Cubans catering to tourists. Nevertheless, the tourist agencies have for the most part done their best to stick to the White House propaganda line that these trips are not tourist adventures allowing Americans to visit a human zoo and instead are purely educational and cultural in nature. Well, it seems not everyone got the propaganda memo.

In promoting Abercrombie & Kent's Cuba travel program, Urban Daddy, a lifestyle website that provides information and deals on shopping and travel, let the proverbial cat out of the bag. In no uncertain terms, we find out what these trips to Cuba and the so-called  "people-to-people exchanges" are really all about.

Havana Good Time

A Legitimately Legal Cuban Vacation

“Hey, let’s go to Cuba... legally.”

Now there’s a statement that hasn’t been made much here in about 50 years...

So you’re kind of due.

Do not adjust your passport for Abercrombie & Kent Cuba, a perfectly legal, perfectly mind-blowing 10-day journey to our closest tropical Communist neighbor, taking reservations now.

Sure, maybe you’ve visited Cuba before. On official state business. Or in 1962. But thanks to a few paperwork-savvy travel pros, you can now vacation there without biting your thumb at American foreign policy. Here’s what you need to know:

Technically, you’re here for an “educational exchange.”
Included in your curriculum: touring cigar factories, getting private salsa-dancing lessons and playing a few innings with a local pro baseball team. (Consider it recess.)

Un-technically, you’re here for rum bars and home cooking.
So you’ll inspect a bunch of Buena Vista Social Club–type joints and family-run dining establishments to ensure their daiquiris and ropa vieja are up to par while you have some lively cross-cultural discussions. And probably some more drinks.

But at some point, you should sleep.
Steam-training across the island and visiting Hemingway’s old manse will take it out of you. But thankfully, they’re putting you up in five-star hotels.

Trust us, you don’t want to see a four-star Communist hotel.

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