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“Cuban Security murdered Paya and Cepero. Both were alive after accident.” Angel Carromero to Spain’s El Mundo in blockbuster interview today (in case we needed more proof)


"Cuban Security chased us, rammed us off the road. All four of us were then alive. They whacked me unconscious with a gun butt. The nurses told me all four of us arrived at the hospital alive."

"My trial in Cuba was a joke. A pantomime. The regime witnesses read what the regime wanted them to say and it was written on their palms!" (paraphrased by intransigent poster)More here.

But on the other hand, we have "Expert" versions of the "accident."

"His (Carromero's) conduct to date has frustrated those that most want to pin Paya’s death on the Cuban government, and the presentation of the case – slow, late, and piecemeal, with Modig consistently useless – has limited its impact.

Carromero remains silent; he appeared at a public ceremony and said nothing to the press....
Carromero and his companion Aron Modig....are out of danger and face no impediment to speaking out. No one has backed up the insinuation that their car was rammed and run off the road – not Carromero and Modig, nor the Paya family, nor Paya’s political associates, nor the Spanish and Swedish political parties that sent two young activists on an “assistance” mission that resulted in the death of two Cubans.

What could Carromero possibly remember now that he could not recall since last July, or in the weeks since his return to Spain? And what can we conclude from this collective silence, other than that it was a one-car accident, as Carromero said in Cuba?" (Phil Peters.)

phil41296932079-the-eagles_l "Come ON, Phil!" says Glenn Frey. "You shoulda been more subtle! Your act is slipping!"

You can't hide your lyin' eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your lyin eyes

In brief: everything intransigents said about this issue from day one is playing out. In brief: everything "experts" said is playing out as cheap and amateurish (odd for Peters) parroting of Castro-regime propaganda hand-outs....But will this have the slightest impact on who the media keeps regarding as "Experts?"

For a good clue, search for any media acclamation of those intransigents who in 57-59 claimed Castro was a closet Communist, who on '62 claimed that the Russians were sneaking missiles into Cuba, who claimed that nothing substantial would change in Cuba under Raul's rule, etc. etc. etc....

2 comments to “Cuban Security murdered Paya and Cepero. Both were alive after accident.” Angel Carromero to Spain’s El Mundo in blockbuster interview today (in case we needed more proof)