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Namibia pays its debt to Castro Kingdom with endangered wildlife


Quick, call the animal cops and the environmentalists!  Talk about animal cruelty: endangered rhinos and elephants are being sent to certain malnutrition, abuse, and a slow death at Havana's zoo.

Apparently, Namibia can't pay for the top-notch medical training program it established with Castrogonia some years ago, and may also be in hock for all sorts of  Cuban "advisers" on Namibian soil.   So, it is forced to round up endangered wildlife and ship it across the ocean to Havana.

Outrageous. Kafkaesque. If the "experts" in African wildlife at the zoo don't kill these beasts through incompetence and neglect, they will surely kill them for their meat.

Warning to tourists in Castrogonia:  If your picadillo has a funny taste and an odd texture, thank Namibia for the experience.

The beautiful Havana zoo

The beautiful Havana zoo

Namibia sends rhinos and elephants to Cuba

Namibia has announced that it is sending 10 rhinoceros and five elephants to Cuba in a project nicknamed "Noah's Ark II."

The animals will be captured from wildlife parks and game reserves and airlifted to Cuba in September, where they will be added to the country's national zoo.

Namibia – which was helped by Cuban troops during its struggle for independence from South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s – has already shipped 120 animals to the zoo.

Pohamba Shifeta, Namibia's deputy minister for tourism, said the delivery of the animals was a "token of appreciation" for Cuba's support.

A total of 23 species of animals – including endangered black and white rhinos, cheetahs, leopards and lions – have already been transported to the Caribbean island nation, leaving Namibia in November.

And Mr Shifeta criticised those within Namibia who are campaigned against moving the wildlife.

"Cuban people were not complaining when their government was supporting us," he said. The donation is aimed at helping Cuba establish a "proper wildlife programme", he added.

More shocking details HERE.

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