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  • asombra: Is O’Brien’s hair supposed to be cool? It just looks strained and stupid to me.

  • asombra: People like O’Brien live and die by image and fashion, and they’d never risk skewering a no-go sacred cow like Che...

  • asombra: Love the Che image: putrefaction green and bloody red. If it’s not deliberately subversive, it might as well be, and...

  • asombra: What’s the problem? So it’s a filthy crappy hospital in a third-world shithole. It’s supposed to be that way,...

  • asombra: Even if there were even more fugitive killers in Cuba it wouldn’t matter, just like the BTTR murders didn’t matter.

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Book event with Victor Triay, author of “The Struggle Begins”

Invitation to book signing from Books and Books:

Start: Aug 19 2013 8:00 pm

vtriay1Havana, Cuba, 1960. The euphoria following the nation’s successful Revolution the previous year has waned among large sectors of the population. Cuba’s new leader, Fidel Castro, after having promised to restore democracy to the troubled island, is forcibly dragging the country down the road to Communist dictatorship. As a dark Stalinist cloud begins to envelop the country, democratic forces launch an anti-government insurgency with the hope of saving Cuba from the totalitarian darkness that threatens her.

The Unbroken Circle series is the story of the fictional León family, whose peaceful, middle class existence is swept suddenly into a tempest of warfare, betrayal, and separation during the early years of the Cuban Revolution. In Book I, The Struggle Begins, Goyo León, a devoted teacher and family man, is recruited into the anti-Castro underground after his father is killed at the hands of Castro’s henchmen. Unbeknownst to Goyo, his young cousins Roberto and Emilio have also secretly joined the anti-Communist resistance through acquaintances at the University of Havana. With the three cousins becoming more deeply involved in the pro-democracy struggle every day, tensions rise as the stakes for their homeland reach an all-time high. Told with the heart-pounding suspense of a Cold War saga and the poignancy of a family drama, The Struggle Begins sets the stage for The Unbroken Circle series with electrifying power.

About the Author

Victor Andres Triay, Ph.D., was born in Miami to Cuban exile parents. He has published three non-fiction books on Cuban exile history, one of which, Bay of Pigs, won the Samuel Proctor Oral History Prize in 2001. For over twenty-one years, he has been a professor of history at Middlesex Community College in Middletown, Connecticut. He resides in Connecticut with his wife, Emilia, and their three children, Victor Andres, Jr., Gabriela Elena, and Francisco Xavier.

265 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, Florida
United States

Learn more about the author in this wonderful interview with Silvio Canto Jr at Canto Talk, and buy The Struggle Begins here at Amazon.

H/T: Agustin

4 comments to Book event with Victor Triay, author of “The Struggle Begins”