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Another mysterious car crash in Cuba–another convenient death. (Just in: Castro’s Air Force Chief sleeps with da fishes)

"Welcome to the club, Pedro!" says Camilo. "Any word on Carlos Lage?"

Cuba's Air Force chief Pedro Mendiondo died today in a car-crash that also killed his in-laws and seriously injured his wife.

In related news: All the contraband weapons found on the North Korean freighter in Panama were under his charge, reports MartiNoticias. In fact UN inspectors had recently and urgently requested permission to question him.

No details of the fatal crash have been released by the Stalinist regime and the body was quickly cremated.

Just last year a car-crash disposed of an inconvenient person in Cuba. (Oswaldo Paya.) The regime gave its version of the "accident," and their "Expert" accomplices quickly concurred.

Well, we have the regime version of this car crash. Now we anxiously await confirmation from Phil Peters.


4 comments to Another mysterious car crash in Cuba–another convenient death. (Just in: Castro’s Air Force Chief sleeps with da fishes)

  • asombra

    Look at "Che." He's like a chimp with frontal bossing and psychopathic tendencies. And alien, too. Just the guy to make the No. 2 man in Cuba. And people wonder why everything went down the toilet. As for Camilo, again, look at him--like the perpetual joker in high school always trying to score. Another prime candidate to be a major government figure. WTF were people thinking? It's like an pitifully bad joke. Were Cubans really that infantile and stupid, really that Latrine? Don't answer that. It's too depressing.

  • asombra

    Oh, I'm sure it was an accident. Bad roads, you know. Can't fix 'em because of the embargo. Yes, the timing is a bit, er, suggestive, but coincidences will happen. Besides, like the great intellectual and philosopher Elijah Cummings said, "death is a part of life." And by the way, just like it ain't over till the fat lady sings, it's not a Castro crime till the Sweig sow says so. Move along.

  • Rayarena

    Asombra, unfortunately, we were that Latrine and we continue to be that Latrine, otherwise we wouldn't permit Julia Sweig or Phil Peters to continuously disrepect us so much. Can you imagine if the mainstream media decided to make an agent of influence of the Palestinian National Authority the offiical expert on Israel, or a known racist with white supremists tendancies as the offical expert on afro-americans? All hell would break lose, but then again, American Jews have the institutions galore and so do blacks. What do we have? It's not as if we don't have the money to do so much more, to fund think tanks, chairs in universities, an anti-defamation league, a museum. Talking about museums, just wait for that Latrino Museum in Washington to open up. I shudder to think.

    So, they continue to lie and disrepect us and, we continue to get angry and nothing happens.

  • Gallardo

    The hell with him, nothing but a subservient and complicit minion who got a full dose of the very vileness he served and forced on his own people in exchange for personal privileges that contradict the tyranny's rhetoric. I don't think his "revolutionary" family is too interested in insulting exiles, political opponents, or in repeating shameless Castro slogans this week. At the end of it all, the Castros would be nothing if it wasn't for these retarded, castrated, and trained zombies.