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What General Mendiondo did not seem to know….

The attractive, sweet, compassionate-looking late General Pedro Mediondo, whose many Angolan War decorations  could not save him from the "solutions" squad of the Castro brothers

The attractive, sweet, compassionate-looking late General Pedro Mediondo, whose many Angolan War decorations could not save him from the "solutions" squad of the Castro brothers

Ay, Dios mio!  Otra vez!  Ñooooooooooooo.....Not again... how many times can they pull this crap?

Car wrecks seem to claim more prominent figures in Castrogonia than anywhere else in the world.

If they don't ram you from behind, they glue your foot to the accelerator pedal.

Or they just whack you, gangland style, say it was a car accident, and cremate your remains immediately  to hide evidence of foul play.   They don't care if your wife is in the vehicle and she dies too.  Hell, they might whack her first, just to make you suffer more, and then whack you, or half-whack you and bury you alive, like Joe Pesci's character Nicky Santoro  in "Casino."  They just don't give a rat's ass, they just know they have to silence you, and send a message to your cronies.

Never mind that you are high up on the totem pole, and consider yourself  la crème de la crème.  No one is un-whackable.  In fact, the higher you rise, the more likely it is that you will end up dead.

General Pedro Mendiondo Gomez -- trained in the Soviet Union, veteran of two campaigns in Angola -- was in charge of "anti-craft" defense for the Castrogonian military junta.  He was also in charge of the armaments recently discovered aboard a North Korean freighter in Panama.  And he was about to be questioned by U.N. investigators.

So, on Sunday morning, he crashed his car, killing himself and his wife, and injuring the other passengers in the back seat: his mother- and father- in-law.

We all know how heavy the traffic can be on Sunday morning anywhere in Castrogonia.  Sunday-morning brunch rush hour in Guanabacoa and Sagua La Grande tops any weekday super-jam in L.A., especially as Cubans rush to and fro between church and their favorite bistros.  Everyone goes hyper-loco in their search for the perfect communion wafer and croissant combination.

Yeah.....  and the search for the perfect guava gelée: forget it, countless souls sent to the afterlife in those Sunday-morning Cuban  devoutly-consumerist- gourmand-demolition-derby traffic throw-downs.

What General Mendiondo did not seem to know is that feet have a way of sticking to the accelerator pedal.  Yeah.  You know, that happens all the time.  It's an inconvenient side-effect of working for the most ruthless gangsters on earth.

Full story from the Ministry of Truth at:

Behind-the-scenes look at the covert operation that cost the general his life  HERE.


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