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As Rush Limbaugh always instructs: “Follow the Money-Trail.” And so we invite our many new Babalu readers when reading in the media about an impartial “Cuba Expert” named Phil Peters


"Oye Peters," asks a none-too-happy Raul, "how'd you let Babalu get a hold of this stuff? It totally blows our cover!...Your performance review is coming up--just a reminder."

Henry Gomez dropped this Babalu Bombshell 5 years ago. Given the frequency with which our thousands of new Babalu readers probably encounter the name Phil Peters in the mainstream media regarding his "expertise" and "scholarly detachment" on Cuban matters, we invite them to fully acquaint themselves with the money-trail linking Mr Peters to the Castro-regime.

To: David G. Gadda, Esq.
Associate General Counsel
Boise Cascade Corporation
From: Robert L. Muse
Date: May 28, 2003
Re: Sherritt International Corporation;

III. Sherritt International’s Activities in Washington

Sherritt works quietly in Washington...recently it has given money to a former CIA and State Department employee, Phil Peters, to advance its interests. The money to Peters goes through contributions to the Lexington Institute, where Peters is a Vice-President. Because the Lexington Institute is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, there is no public record of Sherritt’s funding. This has allowed Peters to advise and direct the Working Group in ways beneficial to Sherritt while presenting himself to the Group as an objective think-tank scholar with a specialization in Cuba.

Well, you read the above, amigos. Now here's how the media describes this recipient of under-the-table funds from one of the Castro regime's top business partners:

“Philip Peters follows economic matters in Cuba for the security- and free-market-oriented Lexington Institute in Arlington, Va.” (New York Times Sept. 18, 2010)

“Philip Peters is a scholar at the Lexington Institute.” (The Washington Post Sept. 13, 2010)

“Philip Peters is Cuba specialist for the Lexington Institute, a Washington-area think tank that promotes free markets.” (USA Today Sept. 14 2010)

“Philip Peters is a Cuba analyst at the Virginia-based Lexington Institute.” (The Associated Press (June, 2. 2012)

“Philip Peters is a vice president of the Lexington Institute and an expert on Cuban affairs.” (CNN July 13, 2010)

"Philip Peters is a Cuba expert with the Lexington Institute, a think-tank in Arlington, Va. (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 14 2010)

Note that we include the "conservative" Wall Street Journal in the egging-of-faces above. In fact the WSJ fully merits special Babalu mention. After all, in 1996 they hosted a luncheon in honor of Fidel Castro in their very Board Room:

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