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The annihilation of Cuba’s children

The great Cuban apostle José Martí once said that children are the hope for the future. In Cuba, however, the Castro dictatorship has invested more than a half century into the indoctrination of Cuba's children in an attempt to extinguish any hope or any future for the people of Cuba. The complete control exerted over Cuban children by the regime is nothing short of child abuse. Their goal is simple and clear: Annihilate the children while they are still young and there will be nothing of substance left to threaten the regime when they grow up.

The photograph below shows a group of Cuban school children swearing allegiance to the Castro dictatorship:

If that photo looks eerily familiar, that is because you have probably seen a similar photograph of school children suffering the same abuse:

Finally, the video below (H/T La Sonora Matancera) is a disturbing example of what the Cuban dictatorship has been doing to Cuba's children for more than five decades now. These kids and young adults are being asked what they want to be when they grow up, and it is astonishing to see how many of them say they want to be prostitutes, pimps, and con artists. But most troubling is the one boy at the :45 second mark who gives a one-word answer to what he would like to be when he grows up: Dictator.

4 comments to The annihilation of Cuba’s children

  • asombra

    Nazi version: Horrible beyond words. Cuban version: "Free education" is worth any price. Move along.

  • asombra

    The goal is the annihilation of the children's souls and their capacity to see and reason freely. This is why so many Cuban parents left Cuba or even sent their children out alone, to save their minds and their souls. That's THE reason why my parents left. People who can't understand that don't know a damn thing about the Cuban tragedy and should simply keep their mouths shut about things like the Elián case.

  • Rayarena

    This is the country that practically every newspaper, magazine, news program, TV pundit and so-called scholar, not to mention, the entire Black Congressional and Latino Caucus insisted Elian be sent back to, because in Katie Couric's immortal words, Elian would be safer in Cuba than with his uncles in Miami!

    Nice! Buy hey, I'm only Cuban. These kids are getting a free education and the best health care in the world! So that preempts anything! And beside, it was worst under Batista! A 100 times worst!

  • asombra

    Ah, Couric, who has to be extra nasty (to safe targets) so she won't be dismissed as a "perky" lightweight. "Look, everybody, I can be bitchy, too!" Where does one begin? So much to work with, although, when it comes down to it, the usual media suspects are all of a piece, practically interchangeable. They've all read the same memo and observe it to the letter, with only minor stylistic variations--like the variations in the smell of different people's shit. So no, she's not worth singling out, obnoxious though she is. Just another turd among many, albeit with an especially acrid stench.