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Carromero stiffed by Spanish Court–Justice for Paya family blocked


Amigos, for all the noise about seeking justice in Oswaldo Paya's murder, the process looks iffy.

The process must begin in Spain. And as well known hereabouts Spain, given her Cuban commercial partnership, is safely in Castro's bag. Today they gave a good clue regarding their disposition on the matter:

No pardon for Spaniard in Cuba car crash....Spain's National Court said Wednesday it saw no reason to pardon a Spanish politician convicted in Cuba over a car crash that killed a leading dissident there.

For the best inside stuff on the Paya/Carromero case, I recommend you read Phil Peters. Few commentators on the issue are as close to the murderers as he is (for reasons very similar to Spain's.) He has always waxed confident that Carromero and the Paya family wont get to second base on this thing. He's probably getting the inside scoop from sources very much in the know (the murderers.)


2 comments to Carromero stiffed by Spanish Court–Justice for Paya family blocked

  • asombra

    I don't fault the Payá family for trying, but there's no way Spain is going to do the right thing here. Even if the situation in Spain weren't as crappy as it is now, Spain wouldn't play ball (except with Havana). It wouldn't do it even if Carromero had also been murdered in Cuba. Spain is highly compromised and has all kinds of vested interests in Castro, Inc. This is sort of like the Alan Gross situation and Obama, who's simply being passive aggressive and letting the matter slide, effectively doing nothing.

  • Rayarena

    Tragic, but not surprising. Spain after all is the mother of Latrine America and we had to get our Latrine from somewhere. That said, Spain has never done good by Cuba, so this is just a continuation of our 500 years of historical ties. Sad that Spain is so Latrine that they are now even extending their latrineness to their own Spanish-born citizens. Poor Carromero.