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  • asombra: Alberto, your translation was fine. It’s a matter of nuance which doesn’t really translate. The point is that the...

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  • asombra: The actual wording he used was “la gusanera de Miami,” which is worse. He doesn’t even have the minimal...

  • asombra: Does Fidel look like a cheesy con artist or what? Sheesh.

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God save the queen… And, please, not one word about apartheid or human rights abuses….


Once again, news so disturbing, so nauseating, so revealing of human depravity that words fail.

Hail Britannia...

Keep calm and exploit the natives.

Castro Kingdom  most popular Caribbean destination among Britons

HAVANA, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Cuba has attracted the largest number of 2014 holiday bookings in the Caribbean region from British tourists, Caribbean News Digital magazine said Tuesday, citing Britain's Loveholidays travel agency.

Jonny Marsh, CEO of Loveholidays, said Cuba was the most popular Caribbean destination, accounting for 70 percent of bookings to the region for 2014.

According to the magazine, Cuba "offers a tremendous value for the British in terms of the quality-price of its products."

Until recently, Cuba was off the radar for mainstream tourism in the Caribbean region, said Marsh. But today's "all-inclusive" promotions at five-star hotels have helped make the Caribbean island nation one of the main attractions for the British travel market.

Cuba's tourism infrastructure is robust, offering more than 60,000 rooms at some 300 hotels throughout the country.

Britain is now the second main source of international visitors to Cuba, after Canada.

Loveholidays' study of the most popular Caribbean destinations for the British market also found that Jamaica was considered the most economical destination in the region for those on a limited budget

...of course.... this should surprise no one.   What else could we expect from the nation that perfected racist imperialism and bequeathed to North America the bitter harvest of slavery?


2 comments to God save the queen… And, please, not one word about apartheid or human rights abuses….

  • Springlily

    I used to be an Anglophile, I still love Jane Austen. Every year, I daydreamed about returning to the Lake District, or Northern England. Not anymore! The more I read and observe the UK, the more I come to realize that Neville Chamberlain is the rule, not the exception, of most of the British population. My new passion is now Poland. Sometimes, I wished I had emigrated to Poland when it became free.

  • asombra

    Let's face it: the game is rigged, always has been, and so it will remain unless and until Cubans themselves manage to break free. I mean, it's a joke, really, or it's certainly treated that way by all and sundry, practically speaking. Maybe we should start laughing like pretty much everybody's been doing for decades. We should certainly stop being surprised by perfidy, whether Albion's or anyone else's. Hell, there's no shortage of perfidious Cubans, is there? Another day, another betrayal. It is what it is.