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OOOPS!–Disconnect between Cuba “Experts” and their case-officers?


For over five years Cuba "Experts" (via their media cronies) have assured us that the Cuban economy has been guided by an invisible hand. An unseen junta consisting of the ghosts of Milton Freidman, Ludwig Von Mises, Freidrich Hayek and Henry Hazlitt advise an eager Raul Castro daily, we're given to understand upon every mention of Raul's "reforms."

But yesterday Castro's very media informed us that: "Che’s Ideas Play Crucial Role in Updating Cuba’s Socio-Economic Model:...

“I believe that the updating process of the Cuban economic model, approved during the 8th Congress of Communist Party, owes a lot to Che Guevara’s thought...Without a formal business education, at one point of the Cuban history Ernesto Guevara contributed to draw the direction which we had to take.. When the world remembers the legendary guerrilla leader 46 years after his death, it is also worth to remember his legacy as an economist. To re-read his writings and study his prolific work on this field is a must for today’s Cuba."

Fine. Let's re-read Che Guevara's writings on matters economic:

“Only through the total eradication of private property will we create the new man.” Che Guevara, Socialism and Man in Cuba, March 12, 1965.)


2 comments to OOOPS!–Disconnect between Cuba “Experts” and their case-officers?

  • Griffin

    Click the link to see the young man who wrote that insightful look into the economic genius of Che "let's ban money" Guevara.

    As you can see, hipster douchebags wearing Pali scarves are not unique to US college campuses.

  • asombra

    Che's legacy as an economist is disastrous incompetence, since he wasn't simply a lousy economist; he wasn't an economist, period. Castro, Inc. is not so dense as to be unaware of that, but the point has never been to have a good economy, but rather to maintain absolute power. The regime has never cared about the miseries and penuries endured by ordinary Cubans--keeping them constantly struggling to subsist from day to day is, in fact, good for the regime, since that leaves them little or no time or energy to do much else (such as trying to overthrow the regime). In other words, Castro, Inc. knows Che was a failure, but it doesn't want real success; it just wants to maintain the status quo--and if nothing else, Che has always been good for PR.