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Castro Regime Report: Prostitution in Cuba driven by bourgeoisie desire for luxury

By Joan Antoni Guerrero in Punto Cuba (my translation):


Cuba says those who prostitute themselves on the island do it to pay for 'luxuries and recreation'

Admits to more than 2,000 cases of suspected child sex abuse cases in 2012

The Cuban regimes considers that individuals in Cuba who engage in prostitution do so with the purpose of satisfying their desires for "luxuries and recreation." This according to an official report on sex-related crimes during 2012 that states there is a "characteristic difference" between the prostitution practiced on the island in comparison to the rest of the world:

"The characteristic difference that exists in Cuba is the consensual agreement between prostitutes and their pimps to carry out the illicit activity, which is motivated purely by a desire for profit. In general, this practice is carried out to satisfy desires, luxuries, recreation, and ensure material goods that allow them to live lives superior to that of the population. Others practice prostitution to meet a foreigner they can marry, which gives them the option to leave the country."

Furthermore, the Cuban government admitted that during 2012, a total of 2,012 sexual crimes against underage boys and girls were reported, which totals .09% of the population. During that year, 241 individuals were arrested for the crime of pimping prostitutes and 224 were convicted and imprisoned (92.94%).

1 comment to Castro Regime Report: Prostitution in Cuba driven by bourgeoisie desire for luxury

  • asombra

    This is called putting the best possible face on an undeniable scandal. The regime only ever says what it finds most useful and convenient, and it certainly doesn't have to be accurate or truthful. In other words, it's saying prostitution, presumably including that by minors, is just due to the selfish urges of the practitioners. The fact that Cuba is a miserable totalitarian shithole not fit for decent living has absolutely no bearing on the problem, and the "revolution," of course, is as immaculately blameless as always. If pressed, the regime would no doubt resort to the default BS, the US embargo. Same old shit, but then again, that's all they have to offer, no matter how they try to repackage it and "reform" it.