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The Spanish Side of the ObamaCare Exchange is Even Worse…

spanish obamacare

The Spanish language side of the ObamaCare train wreck is failing even worse than the English version...

Lost in the hubbub surrounding the malfunctioning is another missed deadline and closed door for millions of Americans seeking health insurance: Cuidado­

The Spanish-language site still does not allow consumers to enroll for exchange coverage, a delay that was previously estimated by administration officials to last until mid-October.

A spokeswoman from the Health and Human Services Department declined to comment on when consumers will be able to sign up for health insurance on and whether the additional delay is related to the malfunctions on the English language site,

If I may, I ponder a possible(?) deliberate 'glitch' there because of this...

The continued holdup of has staff at the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda pressing the White House to get a move on. The NHLA kicked off the National Hispanic Health Week of Action on Monday.

"This is a critical priority for the Latino community, that they have access to affordable health care," NHLA Chairman Hector Sanchez said.

The NHLA is advising communities to apply by phone and paper, but said it will likely have another outreach campaign once the Spanish-language site begins accepting applications.

"The message here is that we have six months to get this done," Sanchez said. "Even with these glitches, the process is easier than it was before."

And the fact that:

1.) Very few have actually gotten onto the glitch-plagued primary ObamaCare site to even have an extensive look

2.) Even far less have actually purchased healthcare coverage there

3.) AND the Obama-loving Millennials are having sticker shock with the high premiums and dedectibles, and are opting out of ObamaCare, just satisfied to have the IRS track them down for the "fines" ... and THEY are the ones who are supposed to be the program's cash cows for all those "uninsured" signing up

In plain terms, nobody is funding this O'ponzi scheme, and those uninsured will be dipping into an empty bucket. So, like any union-run factory line, Slow it down!

Well, anyway, stranger things have happened ...

7 comments to The Spanish Side of the ObamaCare Exchange is Even Worse…

  • Carlos Eire

    Par for the course: since Hiss-Panics are inferior to begin with --in the eyes of liberals -- why not subject them to a web site experience that is inferior to that of non-Hiss-Panics. The way most liberals tend to see it: Hiss-Panics will be too dumb to notice, anyway.

    And... why don't they get someone who speaks REAL Spanish. "Cuidado de Salud" is an absolute abomination, a mangling of Castilian that would cause heart attacks and strokes among the members of the Real Academia in Madrid. Obviously, some flunky looked up "Care" in the dictionary and picked "cuidado". Totally wrong. "Atencion", "Asistencia", "Servicios"... but.... what can you expect from these lugnuts? Probably hired a college sophomore spanish major named "Schultz" or "Hollingsworth" to do the translating. Or some 3rd generation Puerto Rican or Dominican born in the Bronx.

  • Honey

    Why are we doing government"business" in Spanish anyway? And I hear there are many languages to help people to sign up.
    So they are failing in many languages, not only two.
    Are Americans noticing anything yet?

  • drillanwr


    Hiss-Panics ... the new 21st century 'blacks' for the liberals.

    For the life of me, why can these 'groups' the democrats have politically segregated not see this? Why do they allow it? These identity groups, including groups like 'gays' have bought into the old "separate but equal" mentality and have pigeonholed themselves.

    I don't know. I guess I could wax on about the reasons that I suspect but I'm just too worn out over it all.

  • asombra

    Maggie, I think it's partly denial (wanting to believe appealing lies) and partly a variant of Esau syndrome (being willing to trade dignity for handouts or the expectation thereof). Depending on the individual case, it may be more one or the other, or only one or the other, but there's clearly psychopathology involved (same as with what I call "good little Cubans," who regrettably are not nearly as rare as they should be).

  • […] We do know that “the Spanish version” is a mess, too, according to my friends at Babalu. […]

  • […] We do know that "the Spanish version" is a mess, too, according to my friends at Babalu. […]

  • […]  We  do know that “the Spanish version” is a mess, too, according to my friends at Babalu.  […]