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Cubanization Intensifies: Venenozuela to send “delinquents” to Castrogonia for “rehabilitation”


Is this a new way for Castrogonia to strip Venenozuela of its cash?  And for Venenozuela to augment its repressive apparatus with well-trained thugs?

Wow.  Just when you thought the Cubazuela deal had reached the peak of weirdness, along comes some other new twist that boggles the mind.

Venezuelan "delinquents" are now going to be sent to Castrogonia for "rehabiliation."

Two questions immediately spring to mind:  1. How much is Castrogonia going to charge Venenozuela for this "rehabilitation"?   2. What kind of "rehabilitation" are we talking about here?

Here is the announcement made today by Maria Wandolay Martínez, Vice-Minister of Citizen's Security in Venenozuela:

Maria Wandolay Martinez

Maria Wandolay Martinez

«En noviembre vamos a trasladar a un grupo de jóvenes venezolanos que han estado incursos en delitos menos graves (...) y han entregado sus armas; se les ha dado como incentivo llevarlos a Cuba para una capacitación específica, para que vuelvan (a Venezuela) a laborar legalmente»

[In November, we are going to transfer a group of Venezuelan youths who were involved in minor crimes and have surrendered their weapons; they have been given the incentive of being sent to Cuba for specific training, so they can return (to Venezuela) ready to engage in legal employment].

Former denizens of the Castro Kingdom know what "specific training" means, especially in the case of youths who have already proven their excellence at thuggery. The same goes for "legal employment" in Castro-speak.  Yeah.  State Security agents are legally employed, for sure.

Linking this announcement to another one made today lends an even darker shading to the "rehabilitation" training.

This is all being promoted as part of a comprehensive crime-fighting plan.  Get the thugs off the street.  Flood the streets with 12,000 soldiers who will help the police keep the peace.

Granted, Venenozuela has an alarming crime rate.  But is all this about crime-fighting?  Or is it a reinforcement of the repressive powers of a government that will tolerate no dissent?  Given the crime statistics, the promotion of all of this hanky-panky as crime prevention will seem reasonable to those who can be easily fooled.

Those of us who once lived in the Castro Kingdom can't believe that official line.   We know better.  This is weird, yes, but it fits into a larger pattern that is all too familiar to us.

ABC Spain has all the details HERE, en Castellano.

And... if you are wondering about the image at the top of this post, go HERE.   These are the Santos Malandros (Holy Thugs) venerated by many Venezuelans.  Their supernatural specialty: revenge, murder and mayhem.

1 comment to Cubanization Intensifies: Venenozuela to send “delinquents” to Castrogonia for “rehabilitation”