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A Warning: How Castro made a hostage of Alan Gross

"OK, send us The Cuban Five or the American Jewish guy gets it!"

"Gosh! Gee Wiz! We've made so many wonderful and amazing friends in Cuba on our Academic tours!"

In Cuba Alan Gross had worked closely with Cuban Freemasons and Cuban Jewish groups. His main contact José Manuel Collera Vento was in fact the "Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba." Collera was also--SURPRISE!!!--a KGB-trained agent of the Stalinist regime.

Gross had worked with him since 2004. Before that Collera often visited the U.S. (VIVA all those cultural, academic and religious exchanges!)

Alan Gross made a total of seven trips to Cuba and worked with Cuban Jewish delegations in Havana, Santiago and Camaguey. Every head of every Cuban Jewish group that Alan Gross worked with and befriended him testified against him in "court."

Moral of story: If a Cuban "Academic", "Cultural" or "Religious" figure is easily traveling to and from Stalinist Cuba?

Think of all the religious, academic, journalistic, etc. groups who visit Cuba and all the "friends" they make over there. Think of the well-meaning kids from Raices, etc. and all the "friends" they've made in Cuba....well they'd better be watching their backs just in case Castro decides he needs another American hostage.

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