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Just in Time for the Holidays: Finger Puppets for the Communist Puppets


Great little stocking-stuffer for the kids, huh?
Does it come with a 4-fingers little firing squad and a 5-fingers blind-folded, bloody, bullet-riddled murdered Cubans for the other 9 fingers?
I've got a special finger for the Che finger puppet and "The Nation", and it doesn't require a puppet...

Looking for the perfect finger puppet of a communist mass murderer for your favorite comrade this holiday season? The Nation magazine has got you covered.

The liberal magazine’s online store — “The Nationmart” — features a magnetic finger puppet of Che Guevara. The late Argentine revolutionary helped Fidel Castro install a police state in Cuba, where Guevara personally oversaw hundreds if not thousands of executions and the creation of labor camps where dissidents, homosexuals and others who “committed crimes against revolutionary morals” were ultimately sent. But Nationmart didn’t let those pesky details get in the way of its sunny description of the Che finger puppet.

“We may not know where Castro is these days, but we know where Che Guevara is: on your finger as a magnetic finger puppet!” the item’s playful description reads. “On your finger, he’s a puppet; on your fridge, he’s a magnet; in your puppet collection he incites the others to rise against their capitalistic oppressors!”

Read more…

And lots more capitalistic Che merchandise at the site.

Hey! FIFY, "The Nation"...


2 comments to Just in Time for the Holidays: Finger Puppets for the Communist Puppets

  • asombra

    Che is a capitalist tool, and much better as such than he ever was as anything else.

  • asombra

    But remember: one way to minimize evil is to trivialize it. As it is now clear, Hannah Arendt was wrong about Eichmann. He wasn't a stupid, clueless, mindless cog in the wheel who just followed orders. In other words, he wasn't banal. He knew what he was doing and meant to do it, but when he was finally brought to justice, his only chance was to dumb himself down and look pathetic rather than perverse. He didn't manage to beat the rap, but he did fool Arendt. Evil will do whatever it takes to survive, even make itself look foolish.