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Photo of the Day – Picture of Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) makes him the butt of another joke

If there is one thing you can say about Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) other than his squishy and questionable stance against Cuba's apartheid dictatorship, is that he is an endless source of comedic relief. Over the years, Good Old Joe has shown a voracious affinity for sticking his foot in his mouth and saying the most outrageous and idiotic remarks imaginable, which can be quite hilarious when they are not disturbing. But this time, it wasn't Joe's mouth that is making him a target for ridicule, but a video from TMZ that is making the likely one-term congressman the butt (pun intended) of yet another joke.

Marc Caputo has the report on The Miami Herald's Naked Politics blog:

TMZ features creepshot of Rep. Joe Garcia beaching it with thong lady

Miami Congressman Joe Garcia is officially a celebrity, it appears.

The freshman Democrat got a little attention from celebrity gossip website TMZ after it obtained a creepshot pic of the Democrat hanging at the beach with what appears to be a thong-wearing girlfriend.

For a website that sometimes exposes the shocking, it's tough to see the surprise here. Garcia is single. Thongs are pretty common on Miami Beach, etc.

"Congressman Joe Garcia from Florida, out on the beach, with his chick who is wearing a thong bikini as they're walking down," says one TMZer in the video linked here. "He is shirtless, got his floppy hat on, walkin' down the beach."

Scandal! A shirtless guy with a hat on a beach with his thong-wearing girlfriend!

Oh well. It was a slow news week. TMZ blogs, we blog about it. And then we move on....

Read more here:

2 comments to Photo of the Day – Picture of Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) makes him the butt of another joke

  • asombra

    I'm sorry, but wearing a thong with half-tanned butt cheeks is just too tacky, not to mention sleazy. However, if the woman is indeed associated with Goldilocks, then it's just par for the course. He simply looks like what he is: a cheap schmuck and wannabe.

  • asombra

    I trust whoever voted for him is satisfied with his class. Sheesh.