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Good-bye Nelson Mandela. Gone is Fidel’s greatest admirer.

Cuban president Fidel Castro (R) express

Nelson Mandela died today at the age of 95.

Get ready for an endless barrage of saccharine drivel.

If the Western world could be said to have “saints” – secular ones – Mandela is one of them, canonized a long time ago by those who like to think of themselves as the intelligentsia, or thinking class.

“Santo subito!”, the crowd yelled in St. Peter’s Square back in 2005, when Pope John Paul II died. “Canonize him now,” is the rough translation. The same will inevitably happen with Mandela, though in his case it is redundant. He was canonized a long time ago, by the secular world’s equivalent of the Vatican: the academic-news media complex.

Mandela's sainthood falls short of universal acclaim, especially among Cubans. While he dedicated himself to a noble and righteous cause – ending discrimination against black Africans in South Africa – Mandela was not at all opposed to employing violence as a means for his cause. Worse than that, he expressed nothing but admiration for Fidel Castro and his noxiously racist tyranny, and never stopped singing Fidel’s praises.

Fidel used Mandela and all of Africa in a deeply Machiavellian sense: insincerely, as a means of eliciting love and admiration, not because of any ethical principles. Siding with downtrodden Africans made Fidel beloved by the oppressed everywhere and by the liberals and eggheads who control the Western news media and the academic village that produces all journalists. Opposing apartheid in South Africa was a noble cause back in the 70's and 80's, perhaps the noblest cause of all in the entire West.

The cause became so noble that the Western World as a whole enforced an embargo on South Africa and forced its leaders to abandon apartheid.

Meanwhile, back in Castrogonia, Fidel and his henchmen were neck-deep in racist crimes worse than those in South Africa, controlling a nation through a more insidious sort of apartheid than that of South Africa.

Those who venerated Mandela back then and venerate him still ignore the fact that Mandela never spoke out for an end to apartheid in Castrogonia, or, even worse, that he kept praising Castrogonia until today, his dying day.

And we are a long way from the day when any mainstream media news outlet will focus on those brave Cubans – many of them of African descent – who struggle even more valiantly, and more peacefully than Mandela ever did, to end the racist totalitarian apartheid regime in Castrogonia, which is nothing more than a giant slave plantation.

Nelson Mandela is one of those “icons” of political correctness that make all Cubans writhe in exquisite pain. To us, he is worse than a monstrous kidney stone. He is an icon of our vivisection: a representative of the double standard that so-called intellectuals and self-righteous employ in their approach to repression and human rights.

Mandela is the scalpel with which we are cut open while still alive, without anesthesia, the saw applied to our bones as our limbs are severed.  He is the acid splashed in our eyes, the molten lead poured down our throats.

Mandela opposed a regime that was actually more benign than that of the Castro dynasty and he became the poster boy for a “righteous” boycott/embargo of South Africa. That embargo brought down the system he opposed. Yet, the very same people who hail Mandela as a saint and who backed that embargo often – if not always– fail to denounce his support for the apartheid in Castrogonia or his unending praise of the Castro dynasty. Worse than that, these very same people tend to argue that the embargo against Castrogonia is immoral.

Do you need any further proof that there is something awfully wrong with the human race, and Western culture in particular?

St. Augustine spoke of the human condition as “monstrous.” He was referring to the warping of the human intellect and will caused by original sin, a defect that turned all of us into moral monsters and made each of us a potential tyrant bent on nothing but self-gratification at the expense of everyone else.

Fidel and Raul Castro are prime exemplars of what St. Augustine taught us all to fear: the beast within. They are as far from sainthood as anyone ever has been. Yet, these devils incarnate were good friends of Mandela, and he venerated them as saints within his pantheon.

The self-righteous buffoons who will mourn Mandela --the very same ones who ostracized South Africa's apartheid regime, but vacation in Castrolandia and call for an end to the "embargo" against that slave plantation -- are Augustinian monsters too, proof positive of the blindness to evil that afflicts the human race.  Chances are that not one obituary or eulogy will hold up Mandela's friendship with the Castro dynasty as a flaw in his character, or an indication of his own moral failures.

What does this say about Mandela? What does this say about the world we live in?.

Want to read the proper obituary on Mandela? Go HERE.

26 comments to Good-bye Nelson Mandela. Gone is Fidel’s greatest admirer.