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Castro dictatorship throwing lavish $150 per person New Year’s bash in Cuba

Don't you just love how the dictatorship of the proletariat parties in communist utopia? Party like it's 1959!

Via Martí News:

Habaguanex exec organizes lavish New Year's bash

The New Year's dinner gala will combine delicious dishes and enlivening entertainment for the "modest" price of 150 CUC per person, equivalent to $ 3.600 pesos in national currency--the modest Cuban peso which serves to pay the salary of Cuban workers.

Cathedral Plaza Havana
If you're one of the lucky Cubans whose monthly salary exceeds  the average 20 CUC per month, then maybe you and your spouse or partner could have dinner in Havana's Plaza of the Cathedral. Tha is of course, if you're willing to invest fifteen months of salary to enjoy a sumptuous New Year's party organized by the company Habaguanex.
Conceived in the bombastic style of its president, Eusebio Leal, Historian of Havana , the big dinner scheduled for December 31, 2013, will combine delicious dining, with a formidable musical show by Isaac Delgado's popular orchestra.
All this for the "modest" price of 150 CUC per person, equivalent to $ 3.600 pesos in national currency--the modest Cuban peso used to pay the salary of Cuban workers.
The dinner menu includes unusual dishes, not commonly found on the table of the average Cuban citizen. The welcome cocktail is a eclectic mix of "pork fried pastries Camagüey-style, three cheese "escabeche" and serrano ham crepes." The starter plate will be glazed turkey with fruits, green and black olives on marinated vegetables. The main course will consist of sirloin steak with extra virgin olive, plum sauce, rosemary and Crianza Cabernet wine, accompanied by creamed potatoes.
Regretfully however, the desserts have nothing to do with those that Leal himself nostalgially evoked a few days before during a conference with Habaguanex chefs--there will be no rice pudding or porridge, no "torticas of Moron," or creamed milk goodies. Instead, there will be a cheesecake and guava with "candied apple, caramel sauce and coffee, plus a selection of Spanish nougats and grapes."
Promotional materials for the dinner ensures that aged rum, whiskey and Cuban cocktails are included in the 150 CUC and that the New Year will be greeted with the uncorking of magnums of champagne.
Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Castro dictatorship throwing lavish $150 per person New Year’s bash in Cuba

  • asombra

    Eusebio Leal, an esbirro de luxe, whose resume includes signing the infamous public letter supporting the summary executions of three young black Cubans for attempting to flee Massah's plantation, is a particularly repulsive minion. Given his recent food-related statements and actions, which evince an outrageous disconnect with the miserable eating conditions of ordinary Cubans, and amount to a mockery of said misery, I propose his name should be changed to Marie Antoinette (even though that sad woman never actually said "Let them eat cake").