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Uh-oh, Poll Reveals Hispanic Disillusionment With Obama


For those who still have faith in polls, and those who believe in the existence of "Latinos": something revealing... perhaps...

For those who don't take polls seriously, and think Latinos exist only in the same dimension as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, a good laugh.... perhaps...

From Fox News Lateen-oh:

Approval Of President Obama Plummets Among Lateen-ohs

Hispanics are the most disappointed by President Barack Obama, according to a new Gallup Poll.

While the president’s job approval rating dropped 12 percent among the general population over the last year, declining from 53 percent last December to 41 percent in November, it plunged twice as much among Latinos.

Obama’s approval rating dropped 23 points among Latinos, from 75 percent in December, 2012 to 52 percent in November.

Latinos played a critical role in the president’s re-election, with 71 percent of the community’s voters casting their ballots for him.

The report on the poll results noted that the waning support for Obama among Latinos may spell trouble for Democrats running for office in 2014.

“It is…a troubling sign for the Democratic Party, given that Hispanics represent an increasingly important segment of the electorate,” the Gallup report said.

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Latino relaxing after being polled by Gallup

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