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Berta Soler, leader of peaceful dissident group in Cuba arrested upon her return to Havana today

Photo: Joan Antoni Guerrero Val at Punto Cuba

Reports coming out of Cuba this evening indicate that Berta Soler, the leader of Cuba's peaceful dissident organziation the Ladies in White, was arrested by Cuban State Security upon her return to Havana today. Her whereabouts and her condition are currently unknown.

Her husband Angel Moya, a former political prisoner who was at the airport waiting for her, states he was told by a uniformed police officer that his wife had been arrested for agitation and challenging the order in Cuba.

Just as she has done while on the island, Berta Soler was very vocal in her denouncements of  the constant and manifold violations of human rights by Cuba's apartheid dictatorship and calling for the end of the tyrannical Castro regime during her travels outside of Cuba.

We will post updates on this latest news as more information becomes available.

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