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  • asombra: I’m sorry, but this is giving the SOB way too much benefit of the doubt. There isn’t ANY doubt.

  • asombra: McGovern looks like he’s “tarado,” and then some.

  • asombra: Just as women shouldn’t wear certain things after a certain age, dictators shouldn’t run around in military costume...

  • asombra: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fidel look so Latrine as in this photo. Instant classic.

  • asombra: Another good piece on “Gabo” (in Spanish): 14/04/cien-anos-de-imbecilidad .html

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Quote of the Day – The Total Cubanization of Venezuela

In El País, Panamanian ambassador to the OAS Guillermo Cochez on the total cubanization of Venezuela (my translation):
"The Cuban penetration of the land of Bolivar has been very intense and coordinated. There is not a single strategic area of the country that is not dominated by the Cuban apparatus. Above all at the military level where they have total control of everything Venezuela's military commanders do and do not do with the intention of preventing any type of revolt."

H/T Penúltimos Días

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