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Uncensored websites for Cuba

Our good friend George Utset from The Real Cuba is featured in a Martí News report on his great project La Singularidad, which brings uncensored websites to Cuba:

50 free sites that require no Internet connection

A new web package, contained on USB drives and CDs are available to Cubans each week.

Jorge Utset on Marti radio show, 1800 Online

A new alternative communications project is available to Cubans through the site, “ La Singularidad.” Rafael Gonzalez and Jorge Utset, promoters of the site, spoke on the Marti radio program, 1800 Online.

A web package with 50 sites filled with digital content is available to Cubans each week via USB drives and CDs. Some sites are a mainstay, while others are added at the request of various information-hungry users, the webmasters explained.

Besides downloading, which can be done from anywhere in the world, including Cuba, the promoters of this project encourage family, friends and people close to the Cuban cause, to copy these sites in electronic devices and send them to Cuba as often as possible.

Gonzalez explained that once the CD is installed in the computer or the USB is hooked up to a cell phone, the user can browse the sites as they would with a real connection, up to three clicks deep.

To facilitate navigation, the pages have a plain text format and some pictures. The weight of the videos prevents them from including sites with a heavy mulitmedia presence, but they are currently working on a package for video sites only.

Although initially the project aimed to take political content to the audience on the island, the themes of these websites have diversified, thanks to feedback from the Cuban public. Now the Cuban people may be able to peruse a variety of digital publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, El Nuevo Herald, the blog Generation Y, among others.

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