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Castro dictatorship dispatches thugs to throw feces and vandalize home of former political prisoner

Because in Cuba, throwing feces at regime opponents is a common occurrence. That is how the thuggish Castro dictatorship rolls.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Communist vandals attack home of former Cuban prisoner of conscience Librado Linares

Librado.100470413-47-55-300x224Librado Linares (photo via

How does the Castro regime respond to its most forceful, courageous critics in Cuba?

By cowardly throwing shit at their homes.

Former prisoner of conscience Librado Linares this week accused Cuban State Security of ordering vandals to pelt his home in the town of Camajuaní with used motor oil and horse excrement.

Linares, who said he woke up early Friday morning to smells that made him ill, said it was the third time vandals had attacked his home.

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