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Cuba: Castro State Security releases dissident leader Berta Soler after arrest at airport

Berta Soler, the leader of Cuba's peaceful dissident organization the Ladies in White, was finally released last night after Cuban State Security agents violently arrested her when she arrived at the Havana airport on her return to the island.

Translating Cuba has the report:

Cuban State Security Agents Arrest Berta Soler at the Airport

31-300x163This afternoon, on her return from the Netherlands, Lady in White Berta Soler was arrested in Terminal 3 of José Martí International Airport in Havana.

Her husband, Ángel Moya, a former prisoner from the Group of 75 from the 2003 Black Spring, was waiting for her at the airport along with other family members and Ladies in White, who were not able to see her, because Berta was taken out through a back door and put in a State Security car, where they kept her for close to half an hour, and then later took her to her house where she arrived around 6:00 in the evening.

Cubanet spoke with Soler via telephone, and she related the incident which started when State Security agents, dressed as Customs Agents, started to provoke her. Berta responded to the provocations with shouts of “Down with Fidel, Down with Raul,” in the presence of foreign tourists. The agents then violently dragged her from the area.

Berta told Cubanet that she wasn’t afraid to say the same things in Cuba that she says in Holland or any other place in the world.


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