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North Korea Releases Hostage, Cuba Keeps Hostage

You know you are really a vile and despicable dictatorship when even the murderous loons in North Korea look more reasonable than you do.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

North Korea Releases Hostage, Cuba Keeps Hostage

North Korea has unconditionally released American hostage, Merrill Newman, from captivity.

(However, it tragically continues to hold another American hostage, Kenneth Bae.)

Meanwhile, Cuba's Castro regime refuses to unconditionally release its American hostage, Alan Gross.

Is North Korea's totalitarian regime more tolerant than Cuba's?

Neither are tolerant by any measure.

Could it be that Newman was a "spare" hostage for North Korea, while it continues to hold Bae for its coercion?


Or maybe it's just that North Korea doesn't have as many U.S.-based lobbyists and politicians peddling its ransom demands.

Well, except for Dennis Rodman, of course.

From CNN:

American Merrill Newman heads for freedom, 'deported' from North Korea

Merrill Newman -- the 85-year-old American detained by North Korean authorities earlier this fall -- is on a flight back to freedom after being locked up in North Korea.

Video showed him smiling as he walked past a cavalcade of reporters through the airport in Beijing. He felt good, he said, and looked forward to seeing his wife.

"I'm very glad to be on my way home," Newman told reporters.

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