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Vicar of Havana Archdiocese says Cuba becoming more democratic thanks to reforms of Castro dictatorship

Another example of the corruption of Cuba's Catholic Church and its ongoing complicity with the repressive and bloody dictatorship of the apartheid Castro regime.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Havana vicar prefers socialism over neoliberalism

During a conference that took place at the Father Felix Varela Cultural Center on November 23, 2013, Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, vicar of the Havana Archdiocese, declared that the "current changes" being implemented by Raul Castro appear to be taking the country towards a "socialism that is more participative and democratic." Titled "The Legacy of Father Felix Varela for Today's Cuba: Letters from Elpidio," the conference of prelates was centered on the current changes taking place in Cuban society, demarcating the differences between capitalism and socialism.

"Those who know me well know that the latest path, that of neoliberalism, is not what I desire for Casa Cuba. Instead, I prefer the first, one that consists of a socialism that is more participative and democratic, which appears to be where the current changes are taking us in a slow process," said Cespedes in an account published in the Catholic publication Espacio Laical.

Continue reading (in Spanish) HERE.

1 comment to Vicar of Havana Archdiocese says Cuba becoming more democratic thanks to reforms of Castro dictatorship

  • asombra

    Oh, this is nothing. He thinks Che was admirable, and that's on record. And note the rather ostentatious medal or decoration he's wearing. Such humility.