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  • Humberto Fontova: Thanks prof. Tony. But you shoulda read the ENTIRE post first. I INCLUDED Lynch’s book (In fact, I put it in the...

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But…but…but under Apartheid Black South Africans enjoyed great healthcare!

Anti-Apartheid Movement ANC Rally, London

Gosh, all this INTRANSIGENCE! All this NARROW-MINDEDNESS!!! All this BITTERNESS!!! All this HARD-LINING!!! Regarding Apartheid! Can't you hot-heads and hard-liners adopt a more balanced view? Some moderation? Can't you see the big picture?

In fact under apartheid Black South Africans enjoyed a higher life expectancy than they do even today." Indeed they had a higher life expectancy than any blacks anywhere in Africa! Yet we search the media, the think-tanks, the speeches and screeds by Africa "Experts"--we search all these sources in utter vain for such statements as: "Granted, black South Africans could not vote and were occasionally roughed up by the police. But, by golly, they enjoyed great healthcare!"

1 comment to But…but…but under Apartheid Black South Africans enjoyed great healthcare!