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  • Gallardo: One less communist piece of shit.

  • antonio2009: How about the fawning Shimon Peres letter to Fidel Castro in 2010, for starters?

  • Honey: asombra, that was my point. antonio2009, what have you got against Israel? I don’t want them to take up the American,...

  • asombra: You know what Fidel was thinking in that top photo: “Gabo, you’re such a little bitch.”

  • asombra: Who’s the BS artist? Insulza, or some official Cuban “intellectual”?

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Don’t be like Che: Say No to Homophobia!

By Cuban American artist Rolando Pulido:

Poster: Rolando Pulido

1 comment to Don’t be like Che: Say No to Homophobia!

  • asombra

    It's only homophobia if it comes from the right, just as it's only unacceptable to have been KKK if you're a Republican, and it's only bogus to say you were formerly a lesbian if you're a conservative woman. It's really very simple; just read the memo.