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Antonio Rodiles: A Cuban dissident boldly confronting the repressive Castro dictatorship

Today is Human Rights Day and Cuban dissident Antonio Rodiles will risk his safety and his body to confront the repressive and murderous Castro dictatorship.

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post:

Antonio Rodiles boldly confronts the Castro regime

6a00d8341c54f053ef017ee536ed8e970d-200wiAHUMAN rights conference is scheduled to open Tuesday in Havana, the capital of a regime with one of the world’s worst human rights records. A driving force behind the conference is Antonio Rodiles, a democracy activist trained in physics and mathematics who has been working for years to create more space in Cuba for open debate. That space usually has been in his house, which he has turned into a kind of think tank and creative performance center for intellectuals, artists and human rights activists.

Mr. Rodiles, who left Cuba in 1998 and returned in 2007, has been a critic of the regime and has suffered for it. He was arrested, beaten and held without charge for 19 days in November 2012. Last summer, he and others started a movement, Citizen Demand for Another Cuba, urging the government to ratify and implement two U.N. covenants on human rights. Now Mr. Rodiles has organized a conference marking the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But the regime of Fidel and Raúl Castro does not lightly tolerate such challenges to its authority.

In a letter to Raúl Castro dated last Friday, Mr. Rodiles said his activism continues to be met with threats from Cuban state security. His car tires were punctured and a “chemical liquid with a fetid smell was poured on its seats.” After that, urine was poured on the car seats. On Monday, we are told, Mr. Rodiles was confronted anew by state security.

“The situation in which we live is untenable,” Mr. Rodiles wrote in his letter. Anyone who disagrees with the regime “is destined to be treated in a humiliating and degrading way.” Cuban citizens are kept in “a total state of defenselessness” by the abusive state. “It is impossible to remain indifferent to a power that systematically steps over the dignity of citizens and its own laws with total impunity,” he wrote, “a power that orders its representatives to act as common criminals.”

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