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Housing crisis worsening in Cuba’s communist utopia

Yet another advance by the glorious revolution of Cuba's Castro dictatorship...

Via Martí News:

Housing crisis hits tipping point for some in Cuba

Residents allege that government officials do nothing to help them in their plight to repair their dilapidated homes.

Houses in Santiago de Cuba

If in fact the proverb, "Necessity if the mother of invention," is properly attributed to Plato, then the philosopher must have had prophetic insight into what would be almost a standard for the Cuban people.

As the housing crisis worsens on the island, citizens have found themselves in precarious situations, forcing them to think outside the box. Inventive and creative, the Cuban people go beyond making do with what they have. In order to obtain electricity, residents run improvised lines resembling clothlines.

However, in some instances, many continue to go without. Marti journalists in Cuba visited the homes of those who have clamored for some relief, hoping to give residents a voice. Those interviewed complained of broken promises and inaction on behalf of the government.

Inside Cuba takes you to the province of Pinar del Rio to bear witness to the plight of those living through the housing crisis. 

See video HERE.

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