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President Obama shakes the blood-stained hand of Cuba’s murderous dictator Raul Castro

When I read yesterday that both President Obama and Cuba's murderous dictator Raul Castro were both going to be speaking at Nelson Mandela's memorial service in South Africa, I knew the odds were Obama would end up greeting and shaking the blood-stained hand of the Cuban despot. I had hoped against hope (no pun intended) that Obama would somehow find the courage to fend off his proclivity to act submissive before other world leaders, especially the most despotic ones, but apparently, he simply could not resist. Once again, Obama lends credence and recognition to a vile and bloody dictatorial regime responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people.

I do not know if there is enough soap or hand sanitizer in the world to wash off the blood Castro left on Obama's hand.

Via the AP in the New York Post:

Obama shakes hands with Cuba’s leader

More stomach-turning photographs and video HERE.

Punto Cuba has another photograph of this (yet another) disappointing encounter by our president with a tyrannical dictator:

Obama y Castro

You can read Punto Cuba's report on the encounter (in Spanish) HERE.

10 comments to President Obama shakes the blood-stained hand of Cuba’s murderous dictator Raul Castro

  • La Conchita

    I wonder if Gloria and Emilio will hang this picture on their wall gallery for their next Democrat fundraiser?

  • I'm beyond angry and disgusted at this debasement of everything his office represents. He's supposed to be the leader of the free world--instead he assumes a submissive pose in the face of vile evil, as a dog to a master. He dishonors every person who's served this country, our flag, and our legacy. He needs to be gone.

  • asombra

    Ah, Ziva, but he was voted into office, twice, by lots of people. THEY are the problem.

  • I agree Asombra, they are the problem, but he is responsible for his actions and the consequences. No one else.

  • Lynx

    That moron is bowing to raul!!!1 Que imbecil, like mandela, he embraces dictators

  • ranavy33

    Appeasement, plain and simple. Is anyone really surprised at this? Disgusting.

  • asombra

    The POTUS makes all nice and friendly with the illegitimate and bloody dictator of a bankrupt shithole of a country, a despot who is not only a faux president but also a faux general. Obama's concept of dignity, assuming he has one, must be exceedingly peculiar. But let's look on the bright side: this could be Obama's Big Move to free Alan Gross! Charm offensive, you know. Like, who could resist, right? Well, maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental. For all I know, Ted Cruz might wind up doing the same thing. Hell, Cruz knew Castro would be in attendance, which was another reason NOT to bend over backwards to honor Mandela--who never, EVER, in his whole very long life, gave a shit about the freedom of the Cuban people, and made no bones about showing it. Talk about a peculiar sense of dignity.

  • R

    Repugnant, both of them are. Period.

  • I've been talking and messaging with a lot of people, and frankly, although I probably shouldn't be, I'm shocked at how many people knew nothing of Mandela's true history.