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  • asombra: Not to worry. Latrines do as Latrines are.

  • asombra: It is indisputable that both Castro II and “Che” were communists before 1959, and everything points to the same...

  • asombra: Not blind, just “resolviendo,” or trying to.

  • asombra: Doesn’t Fidel look like real military to you? No? He shouldn’t. And is that Ru Paul next to him? You go, girl.

  • asombra: Does he? No more than Chávez did. Next to Ecuador and Nicaragua, Honduras looks mighty fine.

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“Castro was an SOB but he was OUR SOB!”–NOT! (says Mandela)

"Bad! Bad!! BAD, Mr Nixon! NO EXCUSE!!!"

"You accept your allies where you find them," goes the almost unanimous rationalization in "respectable" political, academic and media circles of the Mandela-Castro political marriage. "Hey, Castro was Anti-Apartheid!"(at least in Africa)


Now find me a "respectable" politician, commentator, pundit or academic "expert" who doesn't ritually decry the "U.S.-backing" (often bogus, as in the case of Batista) during the height of the Cold War of Latin American (quasi) dictators (who compared to Fidel Castro about like the common-cold compares to Leprosy) because these helped the U.S. contain Communism.

Now find me a "respectable" commentator, pundit or academic "expert" who doesn't bring up and decry Franco's links to Hitler and Mussolini almost instantly upon any mention of the Spanish Caudillo.

"Bad! BAD!!! No excuse!"

Well, in 1936 nobody else was willing to help Spanish anti-Communists fight Communism.

As always: no enemy on the Left.

"Perfectly Proper!"

To many of us Nelson Mandela's affection for Castro and his handiwork sure seemed like more than some temporary expedient.

1 comment to “Castro was an SOB but he was OUR SOB!”–NOT! (says Mandela)

  • asombra

    Mandela's hypocrisy was by no means limited to Castro. It extended to quite a few other monstrous despots (none of whom, of course, was considered right-wing).