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Obama’s handshake with Castro a deal with the devil

The Editorial Board of Investors Business Daily:

Obama's Handshake With Castro A Deal With The Devil

Diplomacy: President Obama extended a hearty handshake to Cuba's iron-fisted dictator Raul Castro just as the latter was beating up dissidents back home on the eve of Human Rights Day. No good will come of this.

After six months of secret talks through Cuban emissaries — secrets kept from the American people, not Cuba's dictatorship — the time seemed right for a flailing U.S. president and a dictator on the skids to shake hands and make nice at Nelson Mandela's funeral in South Africa.

For some shallow observers, it was all about Mandela's legacy of everyone getting along.

But it's bad for the U.S., not only from the PR standpoint of having the free world's leader kowtowing to yet another dictator — following capitulations to the tyrants of Russia, Syria, Iran and China — but also because Castro is a U.S. enemy. Any succor will be read as weakness, and affirmation will amount to a rescue operation.

The handshake comes as Castro's regime totters.

Cuba's jurassic leadership has lost much of its economic lifeline from its ally, Venezuela, ironically because of so much Cuban control of Venezuelan industry — a real case of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

China-style reforms have done little to revive Cuba's economy through private sector growth — and as a result, they are being reversed.

Cuba's human rights campaigners are enduring ferocious crackdowns, even as Obama bowed to Castro.

More than 100 activists were arrested by Castro's goons over the weekend as they demonstrated for the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many more were pelted in their homes with rocks and excrement by some 1,000 pro-Castro mobs.

Dissident Berta Soler and at least 20 of her Ladies in White — wives of political prisoners — were beaten up and detained, too. That's the kind of person Castro is.

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