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The Obama-Castro handshake, a confirmation of U.S.-Cuba relations under Obama

U.S. President Obama greets Cuban President Castro at the memorial service for Mandela in Johannesburg

"President Obama! I THANK you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sec. of State Kerry insists that the handshake was part of normal diplomatic protocol and signals no major change in U.S. policy towards Cuba. He’s right. In fact, President Obama was being anything but hypocritical by shaking Raul Castro’s hand. He was merely confirming the U.S.–Cuba relationship nowadays.

Oh, I know, I know. All you read about in the media, in your textbooks blah…blah…is about a “cruel” and “vindictive” and “archaic” embargo, even a “blockade,” by the mean Yankee bullies against the innocent and plucky Castroites who want nothing more than our friendship–and who amply deserve it. So perhaps some meticulously-documented clarifications are in order:

In executive order after executive order, President Obama abolished President Bush’s travel and remittance restrictions to Castro’s terror-sponsoring fiefdom and opened the pipeline to a point where the cash-flow from the U.S. to Cuba today is estimated at $4 billion a year. While a proud Soviet satrapy Cuba received $3-5 billion annually from the Soviets. In brief, almost every year since Obama took office more cash has been flowing from the U.S. to Cuba than used to flow there from the Soviets at the height of their Cuba-sponsorship.

Our friends at Human Events help disseminate items UTTERLY UNKNOWN except in a few tiny enclaves within Miami-Dade.

1 comment to The Obama-Castro handshake, a confirmation of U.S.-Cuba relations under Obama

  • asombra

    Look, the handshake bit is not that complicated. Obama was there to show his admiration and respect for Mandela, and the operative word is SHOW. Mandela was famously tight with Castro, Inc. and never had a problem with it, but quite the opposite. Obama simply did the proper Mandela thing, what he pretty much had to do reflect Mandela's mindset and "validate" Mandela's longstanding love affair with all things Castro. Obama was certainly not about to snub Castro II, because that would have clashed with his "Mandela could do no wrong" stance. In other words, the handshake was a way to channel Mandela and stand up for him, to honor him by imitating him--and after all, who could possibly object to that, except "those people" and, you know, racists? Besides, didn't the pope pet and stroke Nosferatu himself in Havana for a lot longer than the duration of Obama's handshake with the junior vampire? Hasn't practically everybody shaken hands and made nice with the fraudulent old bastard? And yes, what Obama had already done for Castro, Inc. is what really counts and signifies. Show me the money, baby, 'cause the funds to maintain totalitarianism have to come from somewhere, especially if you're a totalitarian parasite.