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On the Cult of Saint Mandela: the Muffled Voice of the Devil’s Advocate


You actually have to go out of your way to find an essay such as the one below, which highlights the sinister side of Nelson Mandela's legacy.

Right now, anyone who questions the sanctity of the Great Mandela plays the role of the Devil's Advocate, just like those at the Vatican who are required to dig up dirt and bring to light the failings of those who are up for canonization.  Unlike the Devil's Advocate at the Vatican, however, those who highlight the inconvenient truths surrounding Mandela are not taken seriously. Nor are they thanked for their efforts.  On the contrary, chances are they will be reviled and that their voices will be made inaudible, much like a dog whistle.

The recent orgy of adulation caused by his death is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Much more disturbing is what lies beneath the surface at this moment: the selective erasure of history and the manipulation of the past.

In the religion of the liberal/progressive elites who control higher education and the news media Mandela is a saint, and everything embraced by him is sacred, including the Castro Kingdom.  Communism is nothing to be feared or loathed, but rather praised, for their subliminal racism requires that people of "colour" --who are assumed to be noble savages incapable of creating a democratic free-market society -- subject themselves to collectivist totalitarianism.

And, yes, it's a religion, for the liberal/progressive mentality of the affluent West is centered on ultimate concerns of a transcendent nature and directed towards a secular version of utopian apocalypticism.  In other words, its mythology and its values are not based on empirical observation and actually require leaps of faith and the veneration of figures who reify certain beliefs.  And its ultimate end is the achievement of a utopian society that redeems and transforms human nature itself .

So, from the back reaches of a Google search for "Cuba news", pages and pages behind countless articles on the wondrous Mandela and the world-changing handshake between Saint Barack Obama and Saint Raul Castro, here is a bit of real news.


South Africa Joined at the Hip to Cuba

By Cliff Kincaid (

If President Obama's handshake with Cuban dictator Raul Castro is news, Castro's featured presence at the Nelson Mandela memorial service and what the South African government said about him are equally newsworthy. South Africa was described as "joined at the hip" to Cuba and in its debt for "liberation."

Yet, this part of the memorial service has been carefully edited out of most of the "mainstream media" coverage of the event.

The service was organized and orchestrated by officers of the African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party of South Africa which operates as a front for the South African Communist Party. Baleka Mbete, ANC chairperson, introduced Raul Castro's speech by saying, "Comrades, we will now get an address from a tiny island – an island of people who liberated us, who fought for our liberation in Cuito Cuanavale – the people of Cuba."

Cuito Cuanavale refers to the foreign intervention of thousands of Cuban military troops on behalf of communist Angolan government forces in Africa under the guidance of Soviet military officers during 1987 and 1988. This was a critical time when communist forces backed by the Soviet Union, Cuba and China were determined to crush the non-communist pro-freedom movement UNITA (The National Union for the Total Independence of Angola).

As part of his effort to turn the tide against communism in Africa and elsewhere, the "Reagan Doctrine," President Ronald Reagan strongly supported UNITA and its leader, Jonas Savimbi.

In the end, the communists solidified control of Angola, assassinated Savimbi (shot 15 times, twice to the head and once to the throat), and then took over Namibia and South Africa as the white population – fearing extinction in the face of the onslaught – made deals with the communists.

Continue reading HERE

4 comments to On the Cult of Saint Mandela: the Muffled Voice of the Devil’s Advocate

  • asombra

    The fact that prominent Cuban voices chose to muffle themselves, knowing full well Mandela was a hypocrite, is very sad indeed.

  • It figures. Cliff's a great friend of ours. A straight-shooter, completely un-pretentious who thoroughly documents everything he writes and says, damn the HIDEOUSLY Politically-Incorrect consequences. In brief: the "anti-liberal."

  • asombra

    The more I think of something like the Mandela eulogy written by Carlos Alberto Montaner, the more it disgusts me and the less I respect any Cuban who'd show so little dignity and so little respect for the truth and for Cuba. Montaner is small potatoes, if any, so he's definitely not the issue in and of himself, but I'm beyond sick of a certain type of Cuban--the type that hopes, believes, or wants to believe that if he accommodates and concedes enough, if he conforms enough to the prevailing fashion, he'll be accepted, respected, and popular. Alas, it's a false fantasy: the "cool" kids will only feign sufficient acceptance or approval to be able to use such a Cuban, even if only to show they can be "open-minded" and "inclusive" (with those who follow their script, of course).

  • asombra

    It strikes me that the fraudulent sign-language translator at Mandela's memorial service is a kind of metaphor for Mandela himself. There can be no question, given the evidence, that whatever Mandela may have wanted for his own people, he absolutely was NOT a champion of freedom for a great many more people in other countries, and not just in Cuba. He was, in fact, a champion of their oppressors. That truth can be ignored, but no amount of hagiography or spin can alter it. The man was a hypocrite, at the very least. He was not a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience, but duly convicted for violent terrorist acts, and if he had not refused to renounce violence, his jail time would have been considerably shorter. The mere fact he was a communist already contradicts the whole "champion of freedom" business, since communism has NEVER freed anybody, but quite the opposite. I mean, how much more obvious can the truth be? How can it possibly be any clearer that Mandela's idolaters are either painfully ignorant or full of shit?