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Cuba’s children pay a high price for “free” education

John Suarez via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

The price of a "free" education in Cuba

Cuba has suffered under a totalitarian dictatorship for the past 54 years and the consequences to children have been incalculable. Below is a report from Iván Hernandez Carrillo about how children are penalized for not going along with the Castro regime's acts of repudiation against nonviolent dissidents.

Pledge regime requires of entering high school students in Cuba who want to teach: "Feel vocation for teaching, being aware that once passing grade 12 and the three entrance tests I can only choose teaching careers." and further on "free from any disease, physical limitations, mental, political or religious preventing me from training as a patriotic student" and that I must be "unconditional to the tasks and duties assigned to me." Below is a real world application of this pledge.

Complete Information on manipulation of children for acts of repudiation in the "free" education of Castro-communism:

Last Wednesday December 11 the professor Peñalver of Military Training at the Leonel Fraguela Pre-University of Colón met with the parents of students of that school to threaten them for not letting their children go to acts of repudiation against the Ladies in White on Sundays. This professor told them they would lose points in the evaluation and thus lower the grade point average and may even fail the course; however those who attend will be awarded 100 points on average. The parents objected but the professor threatened to suspend them.

This was in response to last Sunday when parents forbade their children to repudiate the Ladies in White.

Repression in neighborhood of Miramar in Havana, Cuba on December 10 using children still in uniform to disrupt dissident activity in celebration of International Human Rights Day.

The original in Spanish below the fold:

Información completa sobre manipulación infantil para actos de repudio en la educación "gratuita" castrocomunista:

El pasado miércoles 11 de diciembre el profesor Peñalver de Instrucción Militar del Pre-Universitario Leonel Fraguela de Colón se reunió con los padres de los estudiantes de esa escuela para amenazarlos por no dejar ir a sus hijos a los actos de repudio contra las Damas de Blanco los domingos. Dicho profesor les dijo que perderán los puntos de la evaluación y así bajará el promedio académico y pueden hasta desaprobar el curso sin embargo los que asistan el le otorgarán los 100 puntos de promedio. Los padres se opusieron pero el profesor los amenazó con suspenderlos.

Esto ha sido en respuesta a que el domingo pasado los padres le prohibieron a sus hijos repudiar a las Damas de Blanco.

1 comment to Cuba’s children pay a high price for “free” education

  • asombra

    NOTHING is free if it costs you your freedom and human rights. And yes, the usual suspects CAN figure that out, as they'd have to be retarded not to, but they're just full of it (though they may think Cubans are inferior beings who don't deserve freedom or basic rights and should be grateful they get anything at all).