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Oliver Stone Strikes Again


It was inevitable.

Oliver Stone is planning to glorify the late Hugo Chavez in yet another of his propaganda films.

If Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels were still alive today, he would be so jealous.  Stone has turned the glorification of evil into a very profitable art form, with only very few negative repercussions..

But Stone had better not pay much attention to Maduro's suggestions.  If he does, the main character might turn into a little bird.


From Fox News Lateen-oh

Oliver Stone Meets With Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, Plans Hugo Chavez Biopic

Controversial film director Oliver Stone was in Venezuela this week to promote his TV documentary, "The Untold History of the United States," and he met with President Nicolás Maduro. During the trip, the Venezuelan media reported that Stone intends to make a movie about late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chávez.

The director of “Born on the Fourth of July,” "Natural Born Killers" and “Platoon” did not comment on the reports, but the country’s communication and information minister, Delcy Rodríguez, tweeted an apparent confirmation. “Oliver Stone came to our country to film a movie about the ‘giant’ Chávez,” Rodríguez wrote.

Stone, a three-time Oscar winner, gave Maduro a copy of “Untold Story” and a signed poster. A longtime friend of Chávez, Stone interviewed him in 2009 for the documentary "Al Sur de la Frontera" (“South of the Border”), in which Stone was expressly critical of the American government's hostility to the Venezuelan strongman.

Through interviews with Chávez and the leaders of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador, the film presented an extremely sympathetic portrait of Chávez, interspersed with fragments of negative media coverage and critical comments by U.S. officials.

Continue reading HERE, if you are a masochist

4 comments to Oliver Stone Strikes Again

  • asombra

    Goebbels? It's Leni Riefenstahl that must be pissed big time that this SOB can get way with this kind of shit.

  • Lynx

    Wonder who will pay to watch this bs

  • asombra

    Stone and other "progressive" celebs do this kind of shit because it gives them the illusion of being radical, cutting edge, even revolutionary, instead of obscenely overpaid, privileged and self-indulgent rich people. Of course, they also know it's "cool," and that they will not only get away with it but probably get some sort of gain from it. In other words, it won't hurt them and may well benefit them. They would NEVER do it on behalf of any cause that's "conservative" or otherwise unfashionable, no matter how worthy--such as bringing down Castro, Inc. These people are excruciatingly image-conscious and career-driven, and in a number of cases, "radical" activism actually becomes their career when their entertainment career peters out, as with Belafonte and Glover. They're actually pretty sad, or rather contemptible, but the media enables them big time and keeps pushing them in people's faces, and many of those people either buy their BS or think it's just "part of the act" and tolerate it as a kind of eccentricity--when it's really perversity.

  • paul vincent zecchino

    So, when's this phony gonna get around to doing a film on all the communist atrocities, the two hundred million people dead thanks to spoiled-brat, shiftless, mental-case marx and his mindless soulless, lemmings? Yeah, right, never. That's when.

    So, Oliver Stoned is doing a film on the flying monkey? Well, you can count on the BS-LSD viewers going to see it. All six of them.