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One more post on the handshake

Why is it that every time there's a news story that is upsetting to the Cuban exile community, readers of liberal websites around the net write the most vile hateful things; ugly hate filled comments they wouldn't dare say about any other ethnic group, and they do so with glee.

Not only are they disgusting in their intolerance and lack of sensitivity, they're also ignorant, repeating old falsehoods easily discredited.

So this is my response to those liberal brain dead assholes: A handshake is not just a handshake when that hand murdered members of your family along with thousands of your countrymen. A handshake is not just a handshake when that hand terrorizes members of your family and millions of your countrymen with violent repressive acts. A handshake is not just a handshake when that hand lives rich off of wealth that you, your family and countrymen built, and you all live in abject poverty with no hope for the future. And as far as getting over it, and moving on, I say when hell freezes over.

3 comments to One more post on the handshake

  • Rayarena

    Ziva, you're absolutely correct. You've hit the nail on the head! Every single time, something that is hateful to us occurs, there's an onslaught of opinion pieces, editorials and comments from pundits everywhere that attack us, add salt to our gaping wound, are insensitive and even prejudiced against us. Its like clockwork.

    For instance, its common practice to single us out and to OTHERIZE us like no other group in this country, to pejoratively talk about the Miami Cubans or the Cuban legislators, to blame them for holding American foreign policy captive and to label the embargo as stupid for not working. Of course, there's never any analysis of the embargo, or any explanation as to why the embargo against Apartheid South Africa, Cedra's Haiti, Franco's Spain, or Pinochet's Chile was acceptable, but not the one against Cuba, a country with a much harsher dictatorship than those others. Instead, the old Marxist strategy of repeating a lie a thousand times is employed time and time again.

    I'm going to try to explain why in my opinion all of this happens:

    First and foremost, because [to quote the visionary Reinaldo Arenas] we have an ANTI-COUNTRY as our nation of birth. Cuba does not represent the interests of the Cuban people in the way that say a Mexican or a Jew can depend on the powerful auspices of Mexico and Israel to represent their interests. For instance, Mexico and Israel work in tandem with their diaspora in the USA to get legislation passed that is beneficial to Mexico and Israel. If a Jew gets in trouble in the USA, the Israeli embassy will help him and even offer him asylum, Mexicans can expect similar treatment from Mexico. We can't. Our anti-country is run by a dictator who hates "his own people." castro has never felt any affinity, love, or ethnic pride in being Cuban. He was simply born in Cuba and has [I believe Georgie Ann Geyer said], he feels that Cubans are beneath him. He resents having been born in such a small country, since his bottomless ambition has has always been to rule the world. Having castro run Cuba is like having a self-hating Jew running Israel or a white supremacist running an African country. It's just the worst possible situation.

    Suspend belief for a minute and consider what would happen if a self-hating megalomaniacal Jew were take over Israel and somehow corrupt all democratic institutions in that country, take over all of the newspapers and started repressing and vilifying the Jewish people. Of course, there's a powerful Jewish disapora all over the world that would confront him, but what if there weren't? What if this self-hating Jew in order to stay in power were to stoop to anything including forging unbelievable alliances with Arab nations even if those alliances worked against the interests of Jews worldwide. Remember, this Jew only wants to stay in power. Like Louis XIV, with his motto is, "après moi le déluge," this Jew wouldn't care if Israel sunk into the Dead Sea after he was gone. This is what has happened to us with castro. We have the equivalent of a self-hating Jew or a white supremacists running Cuba. We are not institution builders. We do not have the werewithal to confront castro, so he runs roughshod over us.

    You know what the Cuban mission to the USA does? It actually sets up appointments with the editorial boards of major newspapers and discusses Cuban policy with them. What's more, if a newspaper runs an editorial or an opinion piece that they don't like, they call that newspaper up and ask to speak to the editors of that newspaper. Cuban exiles don't have that option. An ambassador to United Nations has the power to open doors, people listen when he talks. Joe Blow Cuban exile from Miami or Los Angeles doesn't. And since we are no visionary enough to understand the importance of a powerful institution, think tank or PR firm working on our behalf, we will continue to be at a great disadvantage to the regime.

    So, not only does the regime with its embassy in the USA have the power to meet with editorialists of major newspapers and in that way sway them, they also have "respected" agents of influence in strategic places corrupting everything around them, people like the ubiquitous Julia Sweig and Arturo Lopez-Levy. That's like having a Palestinian nationalist become the Israeli expert du jour and always going to him for an opinion on Israel. It's so warped that these two have become the go-to-people for any opinion on Cuba. Unbelievable that they have become so important that papers like the New York Times will quote to the exclusion of anyone else. For instance, I've never seen Miami-based pro-exile Cuban scholar Jaime Suchlucki interviewed by the NYT's.
    But it doesn't end there, the Cuban government spends inordinate resources to organize symposia, conferences, book and film festivals in Cuba. These are attended by American academics and artists that then come back to the USA and regurgitate the lies. Then there are the visiting scholars from Cuba. Every time that they come to the USA, they spread propaganda. For instance, the Historian of the City of Havana came over to the USA to talk about the restoration of Havana and he ended his hour long presentation asking the USA to Free the Cuban Five. What on earth does the Cuban Five have to do with architecture?

    But it gets worst, the worst part of all this are the Cuban American sellouts. Cubans who are willing to tow-the-line and attack their own people in order to get tenure, a book deal or get a job as a journalist in the New York Times or some other newspaper. These rats become Chairs of departments in major universities, they head Latin American Studies Departments and they write for the Miami Herald or the New York Times and they spend their time attacking their own people. Remember Max Castro? Remember Ana Menendez or that guy who used to write for the Miami Herald and lost his job when he was convicted of soliciting prostitutes? One of the most vicious anti-Cuban editorials that I ever read was written by a Cuban working in the Chicago Tribune attacking Cuban exiles during the Elian debacle. It was so seething with hatred that Goebbels would have written more lovely about Jews by comparison.

    Also, I think that we can attribute good old racism to these nasty brew. I think that opinion makers in this country don't like the idea of a powerful group of "latinos" who think independently, who are mostly Republicans and who don't play the part of good little minority towing the party line.

    Finally, I think that in the case of newspapers like the New York Times, castro is their baby, their creation. Like the mad scientist in the cheap 1950's movie who doesn't want to destroy his creation even if that creation is creating havoc and mayhem, the Times is reluctant to admit that they were wrong. They don't want to destroy castro. They have a fond spot for him despite all of the horror that has transpired for half a century.

  • asombra

    Ray, you meant Louis XV, sort of a French version of Jorge Mas Santos, though not nearly as nondescript and far less dull.

  • asombra

    Ziva, in a way, "those people" are providing a public service. You know, like "sex workers." They're providing a venue or outlet for very base and disgusting aspects of human nature which would not otherwise be permissible in our PC culture. Such baseness will never go away, of course, but now it cannot be expressed freely except when directed at an approved target, and there aren't many such targets left. Actually, we may be the only one when it comes to minorities. I know it's small comfort, but at least we're being of a certain use to needy creatures--and I do mean creatures.