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The media’s favorite Cuba “Expert” (Arturo Lopez-Callejas ) with his crazy uncle-in-law.


In the process of delivering a devastating SOPLA-MOCO to CBS news for their moronic piece on the Cuban embargo, which includes much "expertise" from Arturo Lopez-Callejas (Levy,) Capitol Hill Cubans posted an old pic of this media darling.

Pitching the Castro Family's Business Monopoly
at 10:28 AM Wednesday, December 18, 2013
CBS News has another speculative article regarding the U.S. embargo toward Cuba, pursuant to the infamous "handshake."

Like most of these articles, it fails to mention that the U.S. embargo toward Cuba is codified into law and requires an act of Congress to substantially alter or end, which is unlikely going to happen (due to strong bipartisan support) until Cuba democratizes and recognizes the fundamental human rights of its people.

But hey, why stop a good story with inconvenient facts.

The other noteworthy part of the story are the remarks by "former" Cuban intelligence official, Arturo Lopez-Levy, who is apparently now the media's favorite Cuba "expert" (while failing to note his background and family interest).

Lopez-Levy, whose real name is Lopez-Callejas, states:

"By binding U.S. producers, U.S. business closer to Cuba, with the elimination of some of the restrictions, we can really start building up a business class in Cuba. As we see in all parts of the world entrepreneurs are the backbone of economies, but they are also global citizens."

Of course, what Lopez-Callejas fails to mention is that according to Castro's 1976 Constitution, all foreign trade in Cuba is the exclusive domain of the regime.

CBS knew this fact and chose to ignore it.

That means 100% of all imports, exports and investment in Cuba can only be exercised by the Castro regime, namely through a monopoly of the military called, Grupo de Administracion Empresarial, SA ("GAESA").

And who heads GAESA?

None other than Lopez-Callejas' cousin, Col. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas, who was married to General Raul Castro's daughter, Deborah Castro Espin.

So when Lopez-Callejas talks about bringing "U.S. business closer to Cuba" and Cuba's "business class," he's pitching his family's monopoly -- for the Cuban people are prohibited from engaging in any such foreign trade.

Another inconvenient fact.

Whether CBS knew this additional (and very pertinent) fact and chose to omit it -- or simply got snookered -- is another question.

Either way, it's sloppy and irresponsible.


"Where did Claver-Carone get that f**king picture?!..RAMIRO!..RAMIRO! GET CRACKING!!! I WANT ANSWERS!"

1 comment to The media’s favorite Cuba “Expert” (Arturo Lopez-Callejas ) with his crazy uncle-in-law.

  • asombra

    In that old photo, Castro II looks like "un renacuajo de pacotilla," a cheap, vulgar little man who could not possibly have gotten anywhere near the top except through nepotism. But yes, nepotism can do amazing things.