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  • asombra: How about we trade Bill Clinton for Gross? There could even be a Nobel Peace Prize in it for him.

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Uplifiting homage to Nelson Mandela, from one of his victims in Castrogonia


Cuban blogger Miriam Celaya's tribute to Castro-loving Mandela

From her blog Without Evasion/Sin Evasion

I will allow myself a special tribute to Madiba by modestly imitating him in forgiveness and reconciliation: I forgive you, Nelson Mandela, for the friendship with which you paid tribute to the vilest dictator my people has ever had, and for the many instances on which you exalted him and gave him your support. I forgive you for having been wrong in granting privilege to the oppressor instead of the oppressed, for placing your hand –redemptive for your people- on the bloodied shoulders of the one who excludes and reviles mine. I forgive your accolade to the myth that was built on violence, although you were a symbol of peace for humanity. I forgive you for having condemned us though you hardly knew us, forgetting the tribute in blood that my people made in Africa for which you, like a fickle mistress, thanked the satrap, who has never had the dignity to sacrifice himself for us, for you, or for your kind...

....I know many, with vulgar hypocrisy, will demonize me for questioning you, but they won’t hurt me, because my soul is hardened by virtue of having been attacked and criticized before. It is my hope that this time my detractors will be so consistent with your preaching of kindness they seem to admire so much that they will eventually forgive me.

This is just an excerpt.  Read the entire piece HERE.

2 comments to Uplifiting homage to Nelson Mandela, from one of his victims in Castrogonia

  • asombra

    I can conceive of Mandela being forgiven, since forgiveness is often undeserved, but I cannot see how his hypocrisy can ever be respected. That hypocrisy extended far beyond the case of Cuba, and it was so typical of the man that it must be seen as an integral part of his nature and character. However, in Cuba's case, I can bring myself to be a little kind: it may well be that Mandela was just too stupid to realize Fidel was simply using him and never saw him as more than "un negrito muy conveniente."

  • paul vincent zecchino

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