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“La agencia Los Hermanos Castro” has a big car sale in the island!

The Castro dictatorship has just announced "la ultima reforma":

"The Communist Party newspaper, Granma, said the Council of Ministers approved new regulations on Wednesday that "eliminate existing mechanisms of approval for the purchase of motor vehicles from the state."

As a result, Granma said, "the retail sale of new and used motorcycles, cars, vans, small trucks and mini buses for Cubans and foreign residents, companies and diplomats is freed up."

The Cuban state maintains a monopoly on the retail sale of cars."

So la "nueva reforma" means that the rules have been relaxed but you still have to buy your car from "La Agencia de los Hermanos Castro"?

I guess that every "reforma" always has a connection to the pockets of the Castro brothers.

2 comments to “La agencia Los Hermanos Castro” has a big car sale in the island!

  • Gallardo

    You mean to tell me that they and their propagandists will no longer blame the old American cars on the embargo as if USA was the only nation that made or sold cars? Great, if they are willing to forgo that farce for the sake of profit it means that they will soon be offering some great and competitive deals. Oh wait, I forgot...

    So now as people in Miami search for dealership reviews in an attempt to dodge unscrupulous dealers they will carelessly send thousands of dollars to Cuba so that fulano can buy a car from "Castro Auto, if you don't buy from us, you don't buy"

    By the way, weren't many of the properties from Castro Realtors some years ago reposed right after the purchase? Good luck with that warranty, contract, hidden fees, and complaining about anything.

  • ranavy33

    Just another way for the Regime to take advantage of all the remittances coming in to relatives on the island. The word "reform" has become another one of those Orwellian words, like "free" healthcare and education. Sadly, a lot of people think things are really changing because of the mainstream press (and old Lefties like Tom Hayden) pushing this nonsense.