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“Meesterr Pressiden’ Ay An Castro”

obama castro front

Next year in Havana?

Now we know what he was saying.

"Meesterr Pressiden' Ay An Castro"

That's how it probably came out.

He meant to say "Mister President I am Castro."

Like he really needed to introduce himself.
But that's how it always goes with evil men.
These monsters say stupid things, stutter, act awkwardly, dribble piss on their trousers.
Their liver spots are as prominent as those of other old men --
-- as prominent as they would have been at some point on all of the human beings they have murdered.
They are human, these monsters. Yes. But they are different.
They only resemble other humans in regard to the small details, like liver spots, or bad accents in alien tongues.
They love to lie, they love to kill, they love to ruin the lives of others, they stuff their pillows with the ashes of their victims.

They sleep peacefully.

And the President of the United States debases himself and his nation.
Shakes hands. Bows.
God knows what he said.
"Pleased to meet you"?
"How's it hangin'?" ?
"Love that necktie" ?
"Nice liver spots" ?
Was there some secret code exchanged?
"Shama lama ding dong"?
"Goo goo ga joob"?
"Kakalaka metemima pingalonga"?
"Next year in Havana"?
"Next month in Jerusalem"?

So it goes,so it goes, on and on, with the so-called banality of evil.  It is all too vapid, too trivial.

ABC Spain has many more details for you, in Castellano. Here is a summary, in case you need more texture on this historical pustule:

Fidel penned or dictated another noxious essay for Granma, his newspaper.

The essay takes up a page and a half. He lauds Mandela as "an apostle of peace." At the same time he also praises him as "a profoundly radical socialist revolutionary." And he speaks with fondness of the war fought by Cubans in Africa.

Yes, he says all this because for him, as for any tyrant, tyranny is the ultimate peace, and endless war the proper end of human nature.

He also blames all of the world's ills on the United States and Israel.

Want a real taste of Fidel? (Remember, he is the only colostomy patient in the world who doesn't need a bag, due to the fact that his excrement turns into words):

«Felicito al compañero Raúl por su brillante desempeño y, en especial, por la firmeza y dignidad cuando con gesto amable pero firme saludó al jefe del Gobierno de Estados Unidos y le dijo en inglés: "Señor presidente, yo soy Castro"»,

And the news media hover over his words, savor his logorrhea, as always.
Need more? Go HERE (in Spanish)


7 comments to “Meesterr Pressiden’ Ay An Castro”

  • Honey

    You are so funny, sir.

  • asombra

    "Mr. President, I am Castro." Such eloquence. Such distinction. And that's even assuming he's a Castro biologically, which is seriously in doubt. Lord, the shame.

  • asombra

    "Brillante desempeño." Right. Just like Che's and Maduro's. Just like the "revolution." And the shit goes on.

  • asombra

    Oh, Obama doesn't see it as debasement, but rather as honoring Mandela, who would have wanted him to hug the old bastard, let alone his (half) brother. Obama HAD to make some show of cordiality, given how high Castro, Inc. always ranked with Mandela and his people. No public gesture in politics is ever casual, especially at this level.

  • asombra

    It's not so much the banality of evil, but the vulgarity of it, and the Castro clan is bombastic vulgarity personified.

  • asombra

    Alas, a people that winds up ruled by such trash as the Castros must necessarily contain too much trash in its ranks.

  • asombra

    "I am Castro." Not even "President" Castro. As if the surname was so glorious and renowned that there was no need for anything else. As if he were saying "I am Napoleon" or "I am Charlemagne." And he's just a cheap dictator-by-nepotism of a bankrupt shithole of an island who's neither a real president nor a real general, and probably not even a real Castro. Unbelievable.