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  • asombra: I’m sorry, but this is giving the SOB way too much benefit of the doubt. There isn’t ANY doubt.

  • asombra: McGovern looks like he’s “tarado,” and then some.

  • asombra: Just as women shouldn’t wear certain things after a certain age, dictators shouldn’t run around in military costume...

  • asombra: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fidel look so Latrine as in this photo. Instant classic.

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Raul the Mandelan: Numbers speak for themselves

handshake 100

Raul Castro's "reforms": a record of repression

There he was, at Mandela's memorial service, eulogizing the great Liberator,  hobnobbing with other heads of state, shaking hands with the President of the United States, looking meek and mild and respectable in his expensive suit.

Many in the world are easily fooled.  But the number of Cubans squashed like bugs reflect the real story of Raul's rulership.

Here are the latest figures.   See below.  And these statistics, which reflect only documented cases,  do not include the following:

Forced exile

Escapee drownings at sea

Escapee imprisonment upon return to Cuba by US and other nations

Short-term arrests and incarcerations

Violent acts of repudiation

Beatings and verbal harassment

If you want to see a comparison of statistics --  Batista 1952-1958 versus Castro 1959-2013 -- go HERE

From Cuba Archive

As 2013 comes to an end, Raúl Castro remains Cuba's supreme leader after six and a half years —considerably longer than the average president's term in most countries. Following is a relation of deaths and disappearances attributed to the Cuban state under Raúl Castro from 7/31/2006 to 12/15/2013. 42 additional cases (for a total of 208 documented cases) are reported for which the Cuban state is considered directly or indirectly responsible. Many more cases are feared, particularly in prison and in exit attempts by sea, of which reports are very hard to come by.

Documented Cases: 166*

Forced Disappearances: 2

Extrajudicial / Deliberate Killings: 15

Suspected Extrajudicial / Deliberate Killings: 10

By Hunger Strike in Prison: 4

Denial of Medical Care / Medical Condition in Prison: 86

Suicide or Alleged Suicide in Prison or Provoked: 46

Accidents / Negligence in Prison: 3

3 comments to Raul the Mandelan: Numbers speak for themselves

  • asombra

    The numbers can speak all they want, as they always have. Problem is, who cares?

  • asombra

    Is that Castro II with Obama, or an angry liver spot?

  • asombra

    There are all sorts of official, reputable numbers NOT generated by "those people" which clearly indicate pre-Castro Cuba was FAR better off than the current third-world shithole version. Those numbers have been readily available for a very long time, to anyone interested in getting at the truth--but there's the rub. They've simply been ignored or dismissed, while numbers generated by Castro, Inc. have been accepted as reliable and accurate. Everyone knows that data made public by ANY totalitarian regime is bound to be at least manipulated to make the regime look better, if not simply made up, but it all comes down to what does or does not fit the narrative that's being promoted by any given party. Thus, we have the longstanding, persistent and quite deliberate distortion if not outright falsification of the real story. If you have any further questions, contact the New York Times, which knows all about this.