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Singing for Dictators, chapter 10,492,873, section c

Mariah Carey and her agent Jermaine Dupri

Mariah Carey and her manager Jermaine Dupri

Nothing new here, except for the open admission on the part of the guilty stars that money is money and it doesn't matter if it is doled out by a dictator.

Singing, dancing, honeymooning, playing basketball...  ignoring the suffering of entire nations ruled by thugs.

If Hitler  and Stalin were still alive, they'd perform for them too.

These "artists" have no conscience.  And being shamed by the Human Rights Foundation is not going to change that, unfortunately.

Are they really any different from the tourists who flock to Castrogonia, which, like its stepchild Angola, is nothing more than "a kleptocracy that exists only to perpetuate one family’s control.”?

Mariah Carey’s Manager Says He Didn’t Know, Doesn’t Care about Angola Scandal or Human Rights Abuses

NEW YORK (Saturday, December 21)—Jermaine Dupri, Mariah Carey’s talent manager, claims he knew nothing about Angolan human rights abuses, was unaware of who was paying for Mariah’s recent performance, and was not troubled by a repeat of her Muammar Gaddafi scandal.

Dupri, a rapper, songwriter, and producer, spoke with Human Rights Foundation personnel on December 19. He explained that his client performed for Angolan mobile phone company Unitel and for the Angolan Red Cross and not for the dictator. When HRF reminded him that Unitel is owned by the dictator's family and that the Red Cross is run by the dictator's daughter, Dupri stated that he was unaware of this. When Dupri was confronted with the fact that Carey was embarrassed and apologetic when exposed in 2011 for performing for Muammar Gaddafi's family, Dupri stated that: “the Gaddafi situation is not my problem, that was way before my time.” Carey’s management had put out a statement attributed to her saying that “going forward, this is a lesson for all artists to learn from. We need to be more aware and take more responsibility regardless of who books our shows. Ultimately we as artists are to be held accountable.”

“Per her request, we are holding Mariah Carey accountable. Yet she remains aloof and silent. Meanwhile, her manager Jermaine Dupri exemplifies the greed and dishonesty of the industry types who pose for photos at human rights events one day and accept copious amounts of blood diamond money on the next day. Mariah’s million-dollar paycheck comes from a natural resource-looting kleptocracy that exists only to perpetuate one family’s control,” said HRF president Thor Halvorssen.

Dupri indicated to HRF that no due diligence whatsoever was performed before Carey’s trip, admittedly not even a Google search for the term “Angola.” More importantly, when asked if Carey would be issuing any kind of statement about human rights in Angola after whitewashing the country’s dictator, Dupri repeatedly insisted to HRF that no such statement would be forthcoming.

He stated that perhaps there was “some racism to HRF's position” and asked if an Angolan singer was invited by a U.S. phone company to perform in the United States—would HRF be active? “We explained to Dupri that if a U.S. president had been in power for 34 years, and had his daughter built a billion-dollar empire from shady contracting and government grants, HRF would most certainly be criticizing the Angolan performer for whitewashing the American tyrant.” said Halvorssen.

Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Singing for Dictators, chapter 10,492,873, section c

  • asombra

    Dupri is disgusting and looks it, but at least he's upfront about it, which makes him far more respectable, so to speak, than sanctimonious two-faced douchebags like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter or, in his own field, somebody like Jay-Z. However, I can't quite give Dupri full marks for honest sleaze. That would have required going all the way and admitting that, by this point, Carey "ya está jamona y pasá" and has to take big bucks wherever and however she can, 'cause the gettin' will only get harder and harder, and "diva" life is damn expensive. Also, the race card bit is too classic for words and laughably bogus, even if it would fly with a Chris Matthews.